Top 10 Must-Do Activities for Children at Fundustan, Ramoji Film City

Written by Ramoji Film City

As one of the best thematic holiday destinations in the country, Ramoji Film City has a charm of its own. It is a place where age ceases to matter and you tend to lose yourself in all the fun, frolic, excitement, and cine-magic that awaits you here.  The film city, which is the largest studio complex in the world, has an incredible range of attractions for kids as well. Appropriately named Fundustan, the kids’ park at Ramoji conjures up a fantasy world where your little ones can indulge in fun-filled activities for hours on end. From rides, slides and video games to toy shops, amphitheaters, and interactive walkthroughs, Fundustan offers a complete pack of adventure, fun, and joy.

Are you planning to visit the film city with your tiny tots? Here are 10 must-do activities for children at Fundustan, Ramoji Film City:

  1. Visit Dadajinn’s Ark

Is your child a tiny techie? Does she/he love playing video games? Dadajinn’s Ark at Fundustan is a must-visit wonder zone for all little techies out there. This video game parlor is designed like a huge ark and houses an exciting array of video games and gadgets to amuse the little ones. Fun and excitement never stop at Dadajinn’s Ark, a world where your kids can play the latest games like a pro!

  1. Walk through Borasura’s Horror House

Children have a thing for spooky places – five or fifteen, they love to scream their lungs out watching scary props and skeletons and listening to creepy sounds. No wonder, scary houses are an integral part of kids’ parks across the globe. Borasura, the scary house at Fundustan, is of a different league altogether. It is designed as an interactive walkthrough based on the tale of a wicked magician named Borasura. Touted as the first of its kind in Asia, this horror house spread across 72,000 sq. ft. will spook visitors into screaming their head off. So, are you brave enough to step into this den with your kid in tow and experience spine-tingling paranormal phenomena?

  1. Dance under the Ballerina Fount

Kids rarely need a reason to break into impromptu jigs, do they? To keep up with their dancing spirits, we have created a dancing fountain named Ballerina Fount exclusively for the little ones visiting Ramoji Film City. It throws open its sprouts and creates a rain-drenched ambiance for kids to dance to their heart’s content. As if that is not enough, the latest Bollywood beats add to the mood. Now, when there are disco beats, rain, and lots of splashes, who can rein in their desire to dance and chill out? No wonder, parents often end up becoming the dance buddies of their kids at the Ballerina Fount.

  1. Explore Wonderville – Toyland

Why should Alice be the only one to have all the fun in wonderland? Wonderville, the Toyland at Fundustan, welcomes kids to have their share of adventure and excitement surrounded by interesting structures, colorful toys, and other amusing things. What’s more, while Alice went down a rabbit’s hole, this place has a tall shoe house, huge mushroom houses, giant pitchers, large pumpkins, oversized teapots, tree houses, and a host of other such attractions for kids to explore.

  1. Experience Thrillville Rides    

Watch out for a thrilling range of rides that are among the most sought after attractions at Fundustan. From smooth rides for tiny tots to thrill-beasts that bring out uncontrollable screams from even the most seasoned adventure seekers, this place has them all. The best part is that these rides have been designed such that kids and parents can enjoy them equally and have a great time together.

  1. Witness Live Performances at Dome Amphitheatre

When it comes to live performances, kids and adults love them alike. But we are not talking about just live song and dance shows. We are talking about live performances that capture the fantasy of kids and leave them thoroughly entertained. The Dome Amphitheatre at Fundustan is the hub of all such live fantasies. Here you can find Dadajinn playing cricket with the kids or showing his fighting skills by knocking off the villains of Borasura or dancing in his unique style.

  1. Play in Timberland

Ever wondered how exciting it must have been for Red Riding Hood to spend his time playing in the woods? If the child in you is still thrilled by the idea of experiencing such a thing, Timberland is a must-visit not just for your kid but for you as well! This is an amazingly designed play zone houses within Fundustan where even adults can turn into kids!

  1. Enjoy a Game of Snakes and Ladders

We all grow up playing Snakes and Ladders, a popular board game that is believed to have been originated in India. Playing this classic board game within the confines of your home is one thing while playing it on a colossal board spread out across a huge arena is quite another thing. Kids find it all the more exciting as they get to step on big ladders and cross over large snakes as they make their way to the top.

  1. Pose with Cartoon Characters

Now, this is something almost all kids love to do. What could be more exciting for them than getting to pose with their favorite cartoon characters? The best part is that there are so many of them at Fundustan that the kids always feel spoilt for choice. The carnival parade is the icing on the cake, where a bunch of colorful characters and dummies stroll down the streets to add to your kids’ happiness.

  1. Shop at Presto Magic Toyshop          

What better way to end your memorable trip to Fundustan than by shopping for some souvenirs that your kids can carry back home, flaunt in front of their friends, and cherish forever? The Presto Toyshop offers an exciting range of merchandise for kids and adults alike. Whether your kids want something to keep as a memory of the trip or gift souvenirs to their loved ones, they won’t be short of choices here.


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