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Celebrate this Eid in the land of Nizams, Hyderabad as Ramoji Film City has geared up for a whole new grandeur celebrations of Nizam Nights. Families are retreated with the grandeur Mughal – E – Azam nights with the spellbound entertainment of Ghazals, Qawalis in the ultimate lavish Mughal Decor. Inspired by the lavish feasts Savored by the kings of Hyderabad, the Star Restaurants of Ramoji Film City has tailored customized menu with the greater Variety of authentic Nizam Cuisine with the Richer ingredients and Tastier delicacies.

Treat your taste buds with the culinary delights chosen from the kitchens of Nizams. The tempting Kebabs and Biryani featuring the most delicious and enticing variety of delicacies to choose from the aromatic recipes is absolutely an authentic Nizam Delight.

So, if the aromatic biryani and some juicy kebabs is a perfect treat for your taste buds, then make sure you don’t miss to be a part of this fest.

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