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Unveiling Spellbinding New Attraction -Motion Capture & Virtual Shoot

New Attraction -Motion Capture & Virtual Shoot
Written by Ramoji Film City

The excitement mounts, as Ramoji Film City launches its new attraction ‘Motion Capture & Virtual Shoot,’ with a seamless blend of the physical world with the digital, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. 

Offering an immersive experience while unravelling the mind-bending virtual filmmaking, the new attraction is a culmination of creativity, innovation and magic of imagination. It guarantees an invigorating experience for every tourist and ample opportunities to indulge in photo-ops and social shares.

The new attraction takes the visitor through the corridors of advanced film technology, visual effects and computer-generated imagery, offering special engagements and a newfound appreciation for the innovation that is pushing the boundaries of new-age cinema.

A visit to the virtual production set at Ramoji Film City offers tourists clues about the fantastical worlds created on screen and how the Hollywood flicks like “The Lord of the Rings” the epic fantasy trilogy, “King Kong,” “Avatar,” ” Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “Avengers: Endgame” and many others have upped their game while using the skilled craftsmanship and creative vision.

Motion Capture facility opens up new creative possibilities today, allowing one to experiment with different character movements and blocking strategies. It is excellent in terms of pre-visualizing complex scenes where the camera angles and actions of the characters are locked in before the filming begins. This ensures a smoother production process and minimizes the risk of costly reshoots or extensive post-production fixes.

At Ramoji Film City, tourists are welcomed into the sets of “Motion Capture & Virtual Shoot,” by the giant-sized King Kong, followed by an audio-visual introduction on the virtual world of storytelling and Motion Capture animation as depicted in Hollywood movies – all this before stepping into the Motion Capture Arena.

Motion Capture:

The Motion Capture (MoCap) stage presents a controlled environment to capture the actions of a performer wearing MoCap suits with sensors. Multiple overhead cameras positioned strategically capture the performer’s movements and then map those movements onto the virtual character in a 3D space.

It’s incredible to see the calibrated Motion Capture cameras precisely tracking the performer’s actions and the way the virtual character mimics them.

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) being at the heart of many modern movie productions allows filmmakers to create surreal digital environments which would otherwise be impossible to film in real life. CGI is helping digital filmmakers visualise and create complex animated sequences and enhance the visual spectacle.

Virtual Shoot – A True Game-changer:

The virtual production set at Ramoji Film City offers a window into the world of digital filmmaking, in which technology simulates dynamic environments and enables immersive cinematic experiences.

Virtual filmmaking has disrupted traditional filmmaking practices by offering filmmakers unprecedented freedom and flexibility to create entire worlds, characters and scenes digitally. Apart from the ubiquitous green screen, virtual production uses game engine technology (Originally developed to create interactive video games) to merge live action footage with CGI in real time. 

One can experience it live at Ramoji Film City and be instantly transported to an exotic foreign location or historical setting, creating special photo-ops. Come in groups with your friends and family and be part of this unique and interactive experience.  

Engagement with the high-end Virtual Production offers a leap of faith and liberating experience where the boundaries of the physical world fade away, leaving room to explore the unknown and interact with the surreal! This Summer, as you let loose and embrace the joy of holidays, make the most of every opportunity to enrich the experience!