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Not just filmmaking, but fragrance and a feast with nature’s flavours.

Written by Ramoji Film City

Ever felt the aromatic chill in the air when leaves are drenched in the mist and the sparkles of green shine under the golden hues of the moonlight? No, we are not talking about the early morning stroll in Ooty or Kodai, but a pleasant walk along the multiple gardens and tree-lined avenues inside Ramoji Film City. Since its inception and association with the world of cinema, the make-believe sets and manmade wonders of Ramoji Film City had always commanded the top ranks in appreciation and admiration. But sharing space with these strokes of human excellence are the sparks of natural settings that today find a specific mention in my phrases.

Over a mammoth expanse, Ramoji Film City can actually be termed as the garden of gardens. Sometimes it sports the appearance of a city park, while, at times, it doubles as a dense jungle. The pristine path that leads into the main campus itself wears the class of a hill station, while, at a stone’s throw away and right in front of the Sun Fountain stands a massive banyan tree with incredible age and canopy under which probably a few hundred can take shelter from sun and rain. Move up and the feast begins to smell fresh on your visual platter. Five major gardens and over a dozen landscapes make it a tight schedule for the nature lover.

Hanging gardens, towering trees, shrubs and landscapes in animal forms, all splash nature’s lovely colours on the canvas. The date trees, neem, and banyan, Ashoka et all, paint the place green in its glory. One has to be awestruck to realize the efforts that go into maintaining the ultimate aura of greenery along hundreds of acres while retaining the local favorites of palm trees, mango, and tamarind.

If the forested wonders are just not enough to overwhelm our hearts, the vivid hues of flowers in various theme gardens make it a royal affair. Colors is another arena of terrace gardens spread over 15000 square feet with a ravishing blend of seasonal and perennial plants. Don’t miss the Bonsai Garden which houses hundreds of mini species lined up in an exotic manner.

As we pause to have a recap of the experience and look up, we see thickly forested hills standing handsomely as if they are the natural bastions of the world’s one of the most creative forts of filmmaking! But wait a moment! Didn’t we forget for a moment that Ramoji Film City is actually a paradise for filmmakers? Yes, we did, we were lost in the woods that are long and lavish, inviting and invigorating

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