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Invigorating Holiday Carnival with Spellbinding New Attractions

Holiday Carnival 2024 - Ramoji Film City
Written by Ramoji Film City

Summer holidays are not just about carefree and leisurely vacations but exploring new experiences and creating lasting memories. So are you ready to try something new and exciting this Summer? If yes, here we go. Ramoji Film City presents a 46-day long Holiday Carnival up to 9th June with attractions and experiences that are immersive and exceptional, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy!

The Holiday Carnival offers a mixed bag of family fun which comes alive with riveting studio tour, visit to the spectacular Bahubali set, carnival parade with clowns, confetti and stilt-walkers and special fun engagements from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Nothing like losing oneself in the enchanted ambience and marvelling at the invigorating new attractions!

Holiday Carnival’s New Attractions


Magical Glow Garden - Holiday Carnival 2024 - Ramoji film city

It’s time to swoon over an enchanting masterpiece! The panoramic garden adorned with dazzling illumination becomes a magical oasis. The ethereal glow created with dramatic lighting, it’s where nature and art intertwine to create a visual tapestry and a wonderful spectacle like no other.


Holiday Carnival Special experience Motion Capture & Virtual Shoot

The essence of the holiday celebration is best reflected in the unique palette of experiences, which go beyond the spectacle and are rather designed to captivate and enthral!  In fact, guests can walk into the virtual production set and have a first-person perspective of ‘Motion Capture and Virtual Shoot,’ the technologies which have inspired the new-age cinema.

Special Holiday Engagements:

Apart from the new attractions, the special engagements include Carnival Parade in Glittering Ambience, DJ on Wheels and Rain Dance.

Carnival Delights & Dazzling Ambience:

During the Holiday Carnival, every evening as the decked up tableaus drift on the magical avenues, the fairies in feathers join in, along with jugglers, high-hatted stilt walkers and costumed characters with live acts. The illuminated avenues adorned with vibrant hues turn into magical spaces, weaving a rich visual tapestry.

DJ on Wheels:

The live DJs spinning chartbusters from specially-decked vehicle bring the vibes of a street party and transform the event venue into a lively dance floor.

Rain Dance:

Guests can enjoy rain dance with the beats of groovy music at the spacious rain dance arena at Ramoji Film City. Guests can break into impromptu jigs, let loose in joy and have a fantastic time, as the refreshing drizzle adds to the atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Holiday & Hotel Packages:

Guests can choose from several holiday packages with flexible timings and fascinating experiences. Also can avail residential packages with a broad choice from budget hotels to high-end luxury suites to farm house accommodations to suit every taste and convenience.