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Five Things that Make Ramoji Twilight Fiesta Special

Written by Ramoji Film City

Sometimes it feels like the term once-in-a-lifetime-experience is a mere exaggeration of some pretty basic experience. It is often used as a filler rather than an expression of something phenomenal. This is what makes it a little difficult for a lot of people to understand what exactly makes up a proper once-in-a-lifetime experience. To give you an idea about it and to do justice to this amazing expression, the experience indeed needs to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind and nothing does more justice to it than the Ramoji Twilight Fiesta!

If your idea of a fun day is a day full of new experiences, meeting new people, eating amazing food, chilling with your friends and family, and getting to understand the BTS of your favorite movies, then Ramoji Twilight Fiesta is just the right experience for you! We have curated a list of five reasons why you should definitely be a part of this fun experience.

  1. Astounding Stage Shows: What better way to relax and yet have fun than watching a good stage show, right? With groovy music and to-the-beats dance, with performances that can range from anything between acrobats to stunt shows and much more, the energy of our Ramoji Twilight Fiesta artists will surely make you move in delight! The palpable energy of fun and excitement in Ramoji Film City is the best way to unwind after a long week! Become a part of The Twilight Fiesta to celebrate the little joys of life with friends and family. It sure will not just relieve your stress but in fact, burst it! Do not miss a chance to experience an entire day full of enjoyment.
  1. Special Entertainment: With our artists being ever-ready to greet you in the best way possible and to entertain you through different forms of art, we know boredom couldn’t even touch you! With just the right amount of fun and culture, Ramoji Twilight Fiesta’s special entertainment brings you ways to understand the true definition of a fun holiday. Come and witness the celebration of all things good!
  2. Parade: An absolute treat to the mind and soul, Ramoji Twilight Fiesta brings to you a litany of beautiful parades all accessorized with floats and artists and a lot of fun! Our parades are sure to introduce you to a plethora of visual delights and the instagrammable moments are only a cherry on top of the cake. Elevate your sense of relaxation while enjoying your best holiday.
  1. Dazzling Lighting: pleasantly surprising the sense of one’s sight, it is an easy thing to say that the lightings of Ramoji Film City are singlehandedly enough to awestruck anyone! With an array of different types of lighting and a play of different colours and illusions created by using mere lights, the decorations of Ramoji Film City keep outdoing itself each time this show of creative excellence is showcased in front of the audience. The lighting at Ramoji Film City during the Twilight Fiesta is no exception and is sure to steal your hearts. Witness this heart-stealing, awe-inducing show of lights first-hand and get a sense of why we call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, yourself.  
  2. Dance, Masti, and More: What is a celebration if it doesn’t make you groove involuntary? The true show of an excellent celebration of all little things in life that makes one happy is that it makes you smile, dance, and more. Ramoji Twilight Fiesta understands this and hence, has made full arrangements that if one wants to groove to some music, they can but yes, in a respectable fashion! After all, with so much fun and entertainment happening all around a person, how can one sit and not dance in happiness? So come to Twilight Fiesta and let happiness and pure joy take over all your senses.

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