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Beyond the Sets: Unveiling Hidden Treasures at Ramoji Film City

Written by Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City, often celebrated for its iconic film sets and cinematic grandeur, is a treasure trove of surprises beyond its extraordinary attractions. As you embark on a journey through this cinematic paradise, be prepared to uncover hidden gems that add an extra layer of magic to your visit to Ramoji Film City.

  1. Sheru’s Welcome & Dadajinn Fun in Fundustan

Two delightful surprises await at the RFC Grounds – the charismatic Sheru & Dada Jinn. Beyond the sets and lights, Sheru, the lovable canine ambassador, adds a touch of warmth to kids’ experience. Visitors often find themselves enchanted, as Dadajinn conjures up a fantasy world just for kids in Fundustan.

  1. Wings, The Birds Park

For nature enthusiasts, Wings, the Bird Park, and the Butterfly Garden form a hidden oasis within Ramoji Film City. While the film sets steal the spotlight, this park hosts exotic birds, butterflies, bonsai gardens, offering a unique experience. Capture breathtaking moments as these winged wonders flutter around, offering the perfect opportunity to have your picture taken with these delightful creatures. Get yourself greeted with non-stop quacks, chirps, and hoots right at the enclosure of the water birds.

  1. Rides & Fun

For thrill seekers apart from the ones who opt for the day-tour, can experience and enjoy rides like Bull Ride, Super Jet, Thrill Ride. Kids & teens can enjoy Kiddie Train Raid, Carousel, Ranger, Frisbee Coaster, Bumping Cars etc. 

  1. Shop at Meena Bazaar & magada

Discover style and craftsmanship at Magada for trendy apparels and accessories, while Meena Bazaar dazzles with pearls, imitation jewellery, and exquisite handicrafts. 

Besides the above-mentioned, there are tons of other hidden gems you can experience in Ramoji Film City, right from the entrance to the lunch at themed-restaurants to the end. For experiencing the magic, book your tickets here.