7 themes that make weddings a KJO blockbuster

Written by Ramoji Film City

Weddings are one of the happiest occasions on earth. I have attended numerous weddings; however, after a point of time, they all seem the same to me with the same rituals, similar decor and venues. But over the past two years I attended a few weddings at Ramoji Film City. That’s where I experienced and thus understood what an over the top Indian wedding is all about.

Here are a few thematic weddings that left me spell bounded

1. Maharaja And Maharani in a period set
Have you dreamed of a big and fat royal wedding? Here’s your chance. Walk the red carpet, with every corner of the world glittering the splendid era of yesteryears. These people leave no stone unturned to make a dream wedding come true.

2. Hero And Heroine In Bollywood Night
Enter the magical world of marriage as portrayed in the films of Karan Johar and late Yash Chopra! From the halls to the gardens, watch your wedding space transform into a scene from your favourite Bollywood film!

3. Shehzaada And Mallika
Imagine yourself dressed in the royal robes of the Mughal era, walking through the path carved out of festivity to tie the knot with your beloved. At Alampana, this wish comes true!

4. Chandragupta And Chandramukhi
Recreate historic moments as you are introduced to the rituals of an ancient era. Our Chandragupta and Chandramukhi theme at Chanakya, helps recreate the magical era of the glorious history.

5. Badshah And Begum In Hawa Mahal
Tie the knot like the great emperors did! Share your love for the ornamented world of Hawa Mahal.

6. Village Theme
Because it’s all about the love! Being primitive has its own charm to it. Experience rustic village styled matrimony which will have you going back to your roots!