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Your wishes have been heard! Ramoji Film City is open now for tourists

Written by Ramoji Film City

After a long and ominous spell of Covid-19, you deserve a relaxing break in the dreamscape, of course with all the safety measures in place! Now at the prospect of Ramoji Film City reopening on 8th October, after months of shut-down, it’s time to over-compensate, indulging in the finest of holidaying experiences. So head off to the land of fun and fantasy and themed destination that never ceases to thrill! Pamper yourself with the generous servings of filmy glamour and ethereal touches of make-believe.

If you are a first-time visitor, it’s the zigzagging international street designed in the alphabet “S” shape and the undying glitz of the locales which would strike you, as the sheer elegance of cascading Fountain with a chariot drawn by horses and classical architectural motifs would overwhelm you. It’s the exquisite gardens, serenity of lucid meadows and soothing green outdoors which would calm your nerves and be therapeutic.

The experience will be dynamic with interactive movie magic, eco-tour and plenty of options for family fun. Individual thrill seekers can have a field-day at Sahas – the Asia’s finest adventure land. The special fun servings for children will be mindboggling. Get ready to be greeted by Dadajinn, the mascot at Fundustan, the dedicated children’s attraction and experience the maze and magic mirrors at Borasura, a magician’s workshop. The kids would love to take part in various fun rides and games and even ride spaceship and land in galaxy. A special dark ride with glimpses of Aladdin’s palace and spectacular Rio Carnival await your child at Filmy Duniya.

It’s not just the thematic attractions, thrill rides but uniquely conceptualized shows presented by talented artists and performers which would be memorable. Just give in to the rugged charms of the cowboys, as their gravity-defying stunts create an ambiance of mayhem in the celebrated ranches.  Excellent for those who lap up on-the-edge excitement!  Be treated to the inescapable charm of the make-belief and larger-than-life imagery on the blockbuster Bahubali set.

If you are keen to gift yourself with the splendor of a laidback retreat, just land in the Butterfly and Bird Park, the intricately-designed aviary with perfectly replicated habitats, is home to thousands of international birds.  Just be surrounded by winged beauties and let the surreal charm penetrate your senses. It’s the sprawling gardens that form the palette of nature’s canvas!  Don’t forget to visit the Buddhist cave for an inspirational meditative life.

Experience the magic of exciting holidays, as you hop on and off the vintage tourist bus, go for a spellbinding studio tour, take delight in the stunning landscapes, immerse in live shows and scream in delight as you swirl and spin in the rides, pose with your favorite cartoon characters, dine in buffet restaurants and go shopping in the theme bazaars with impressive collection of memorabilia.


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