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My Journey To The World’s Largest Ramoji Film City.

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My recent visit to The World’s Largest Ramoji Film City  for this Diwali Carnival gave me the ultimate experience of cine-magic. Vintage tour is the most admired tour as you travel around the large size film sets which are specially crafted for the blockbuster movies. As you travel around the back-lot tour, the live film sets are visual treats as the tour takes you all over the globe right from Tollywood to Hollywood film Industry.

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Every tourist is taken on a guided back-lot tour of the make believe world where in the settings, landscapes and avenues related to different films are shown. The grandeur mythological Bhagavatam set is hard to ignore. The aesthetically designed Butterfly Park  is home to thousands of colorful butterflies which is a great visual treat for the guests. Capture the glimpse of the striking showcase of the world of Bonsai plants, which are ornamentally shaped & sized!

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Self Experience the art of movie making at Lights, Camera, Action show. Experience the audio-visual illusions of the reel world by being part of real special effects, dubbing and editing at Lights, Camera & Action show.This enlivening attraction mold anyone into an enthusiastic filmmaker on a 25 minute stint of mock shooting!

All in all, you have many wonders to explore at The World’s Largest Ramoji Film City. Grandeur Film City Locales, Thematic Gardens, Mesmerizing Fountains, Mythological Sets, Exotic Birds Park, aesthetically designed butterfly park, Kids wonder-zone, Enthralling Live Shows, Thrill Rides & Many More! You will be certainly spellbound with the ultimate thrill at Sahas. Sahas is exclusively for adventure seekers. A day or two may not give you the feel of leisure trip to Ramoji Film City. A minimum of 3 Nights stay is a must for the complete leisure tour of the World’s Largest Ramoji Film City.

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