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Look through the ‘Cinema Scope’ for the enchanting Winter Fest experience at Ramoji Film City

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Read these – the world’s largest film studio complex, the most alluring holiday, adventure and events destination, the most amazing and comprehensive leisure destination and the perfect holiday and tourist spot in Hyderabad. The list goes on exhaustively and the sobriquets earned and enjoyed by Ramoji Film City simply showcase it as the monumental thematic destination with magic of cinema all-pervading.

For all seasons, the favourite holiday spot beckons people from all over the country and ages alike, offering interactive and thematic entertainment, adventure options and leisure. So, winter has in store its own attractions filled accentuating the season’s characteristic beauty amid serene and lush settings of Ramoji Film City. While the fag end of December is always filled with action, it is only at Ramoji Film City that the most enthralling activities take off in the middle of the December. The Winter Fest takes off on December 13 and offers some irresistible stay packages blended with special tour and holiday offerings, depending on the number of nights you choose for your family or friends.

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The two-night and three-night packages constitute the mix of action and cinema-themed tour, the four and five-night packages are sure to be a rage among the patrons and lovers of Ramoji Film City. They have included some stunning tour experiences for visitors besides offering Bahubali, Backlot, Eureka, Ramoji Movie Magic and Eco Tour

Cinema Scope – Four Nights

The fourth-day attraction is the special add-on to the three-night Silver Screen package. Take the Cinema Scope special tour across the make-believe settings that are familiar to you through umpteen movies. Visit the Prison Set and feel the realistic ambience, while the swanky Pub set lures you to another world. Get drenched in the Rain Dance till you are tired or relish the complimentary rides to excite the child in you. From Bumping Car to Bungee Jump, the joy knows no bounds.




Sahas is Asia’s finest adventure land with multiple activities with jaw-dropping and stunning experiences. Take the test of speed, dive deep into the acrobatic challenges and don’t miss the All-terrain Vehicle


The Cinema Scope package also offers complimentary games at Champion Recreation Zone and exclusive adventures for kids to choose from a broad list.

Now, just get ready to plunge into the valley of entertainment only at Ramoji Film City, the comprehensive tourist destination of Telangana.

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