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Wings, the Exotic Bird Park at Ramoji Film City

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Think of Ramoji Film City and the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a world of movie magic, fun, and entertainment, and why not! After all, it is the largest studio complex in the world with an impressive range of recreation and entertainment options. All that is true, but don’t assume that the film city is all about make-believe wonders, shooting sets, and studio tours. It is also home to several fascinating natural attractions as well and Wings, the exotic bird park at Ramoji Film City, is among them. If you are planning a trip to the film city, make sure to keep some time aside to visit this colorful world of avifauna.

Want to know more about the bird park and its inhabitants? Here’s everything you should know about Wings and the winged wonders housed within it. Read on.

wings bird park

Explore the wonderful world of exotic wings

Imagine walking into a sprawling green landscape, full of plants and shrubs, and finding yourself in the company of an incredible collection of exotic birds. Sounds like a scene straight out of a movie set, doesn’t it? Only that this is no filmy set we are talking about, but the bird park at Ramoji Film City. Aptly named Wings, this bird park is home to a wide range of birds belonging to various rare species and from different countries and continents. The colorful winged occupants of the park will keep you engaged for hours and while here, you cannot help marvel at the beauty and variety of nature’s creations.



A green paradise with colorful inhabitants

What adds to the beauty of the place is the natural landscape featuring ingrown flora, native plants, slices of rocks, and cascading waterfalls in the background. All these come together to create a pleasant ecosystem and a soothing sight for your eyes. It’s a treat to watch the birds hop and fly about in this green paradise. The place never fails to entice visitors of all ages, especially kids. Imagine how excited your little ones will feel when they come face to face with all those exotic birds they have seen only on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.

By the way, did we mention that the bird park at Ramoji Film City is one of the largest aviaries in the world? So when you plan a visit to the studio complex and book your tickets, opt for a package or combo offer that includes Wings.



Get mesmerized by rare and flamboyant species of birds

Whether you are a bird enthusiast or not, the exotic bird species at this bird park will surely attract your attention. From graceful pelicans to huge ostriches, you can find them all here, in different colors and sizes. Among the colorful species housed within the park are the macaws, toucans, pheasants, parrots, lorikeets, and parakeets, to name just a few. The Emperor Goose, Great Blue Turaco, Carolina duck, Manchurian crane, and Chattering Lory, White stork also call the bird park their home. Yellow-bibbed Lory, Military Macaw, Chilean flamingo, Green-naped Lorikeet, and Victoria Crowned Pigeon are some of the other varieties that can be seen here. These are just a few names from the list – there’s a lot more to explore. While some of these are Indian birds, Wings is home to an amazing range of avifauna from different parts of the world.theme-birds-park

To make navigation easier, the bird park is divided into several sections including the free-zone, a special zone that houses only ostriches, and an area for caged birds. It also has a zone dedicated exclusively to water birds. Take your time and explore each zone at your own pace, taking a break occasionally to remind yourself that you are not in the Amazon Rainforest or some other biodiversity hotspot.


Go back home with memories and memorabilia

In this busy world, it is tough to come across a place where nature seems to reach out to you in the form of colorful birds. So, make sure that you spend ample time here with your family and friends and create memories that last forever. Though professional photography is not allowed inside the film city, you can take pictures on your phone and also using DSLR cameras with permitted specifications.

Wait, there’s more! You can also carry back home some memorabilia and souvenirs that will always remind you of this visit. That’s why the gift stores at Ramoji Film City have a good collection of bird-themed merchandise. They also serve as excellent gifting items, so buy as many as you want and gift them to your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Now, isn’t it just what you need to end your trip to this green paradise on a happy note?

How to visit Wings, the exotic bird park at Ramoji Film City?

Wings is not only a top attraction in the film city but the entire city of Hyderabad. Travelers visiting the city often make it a point to include both the studio complex and the bird park in their list of must-visit places. Wondering how to visit this delightful haven of avifauna on your trip to Hyderabad? Being one of the top attractions in the sprawling complex, a visit to Wings is an integral part of many studio tour packages we offer. You just need to choose a package based on your preferences, availability of time, and budget.


Ramoji Film City Studio Tour Packages that Include Wings

So, which are the packages ideal for visitors who want to step into the colorful world of birds?  Those who are looking to combine the bird park with other attractions like the studio tour, Bahubali sets, Fundustan, entertainment shows, live shows, adventure rides, etc., can opt for the Day Tour Package. Other packages like Ramoji Premium Experience and Ramoji Star Experience also include Wings as part of the itinerary. In addition to these, we offer seasonal packages like the Winter Fest Day Tour and Summer Carnival Day Tour, many of which include a visit to the Bird Park along with other attractions. Make sure to check the package highlights and other details before you book your ticket. You can find more about our packages and prices here.

A visit to Ramoji Film City can’t be deemed complete if you don’t visit the bird park. Away from the stress and strain of daily life, this place infuses a sense of tranquillity and beauty that is rare to come across in other tourist places and entertainment hubs. How about planning a trip to the Ramoji Film City right away?

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