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What Makes Ramoji Film City An Ideal Location For Adventure-Seekers?

Written by Ramoji Film City

When you think of Ramoji Film City, it is films that come to the mind. After all, the theme park is mostly famous for its magnificent sets.  A number of Bollywood and Tollywood movies have been shot in this cine-magical paradise. But, what not many people realize until they enter the gates of this magnificent film city is that Ramoji Film City has plenty more to offer than just film locations. Needless to say, it is a great weekend destination for adventure seekers.

The Sahas Adventure Park

Sahas is one of the most popular, recent additions to the Ramoji Film City. It is considered to be Asia’s largest adventure land. Designed to give visitors a chance to experience many different kinds of adventure activities, it’s an adrenaline booster and delivers on the promise of a memorable experience.

Sahas was designed and equipped in collaboration with some of the top adventure experience providers from across the globe to ensure a safe experience. There are activities for kids, solo adults and large groups. Some you may consider tame while others are truly thrilling. Let’s take a look at the activities that make Ramoji Film City an ideal location for adventure-seekers.

Rides that Thrill

  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Rides: Riding cross country in an ATV is an experience that won’t be forgotten. The 1.5km long circuit is well planned to include ups and downs and plenty of obstacles that you must make your way around. The ATVs run on 800cc engines that take off with a roar. You’ve seen chases on the silver screen and this is your chance to feel like a ‘daredevil’.
  • Mountain Biking: If you like cycling in the city, you’ll love the feeling of mountain biking. The terrain is unpredictable and offers something new at every turn. It’s a low-impact activity that anyone can enjoy.
  • Bungee Ejection: A bungee ejection is just as thrilling as a bungee jump. The idea here is to be strapped down to elastic ropes, then sprung up to the sky and bounce back to earth. Participants are safely harnessed but the experience still gives you butterflies in your stomach.atv ride in hyderabad

Exciting Games

  • Human Foosball: This is a team experience that’s fast-paced and exciting. This life-sized take on foosball is all about building team coordination and communication. It’s football with a twist that you could experience only here.
  • Happy Hits: Inspired by the popular video game, Angry Birds, Happy Hits is a chance for kids to play with oversized catapults. The target seems big enough but it takes a few rounds to assess distances and winds and angles before you can make that bull’s eye throw.
  • Paint Ball: If you travel to Ramoji with a group, Paintball is a must-try activity. With military-inspired gear that puts you in the right frame of mind, this sport is all about eliminating your opponents by tagging them with paintballs. It’s an exciting game for children and adults of all ages.


Obstacle Courses

  • High Rope Course: The high rope course challenges you mentally and physically. It’s a series of activities arranged as you would imagine at a height above the ground. A safety harness makes sure there’s no threat of falling but you can still feel your heartbeat rise as you walk across rope bridges, zip lines, walk across the balance beam and more.
  • Meltdown: You’ve probably watched similar comic obstacle courses on the TV and now’s your chance to give it a shot. Meltdown can be experienced alone or with a team of up to 8 people. As you jump over and duck under the boom poles, you can feel the adrenaline rise.
  • Net Course: The net course looks simple but once you start climbing, you’ll see it’s a little more challenging than it appears. There’s a rope bridge that tests your balancing skills and 42 other obstacles that make this the largest net course in the world.
  • Obstacle Race: If you like action movies and admire stunt performers, you have to try the Sahas Obstacle Course. It’s best experienced with a group. Test your fitness levels with ropes that you must slither across, soldier crawls, traverse climbing sections and more.

Low-Intensity Activities

  • Shooting And Archery: Adventurous activities don’t always have to be fast-paced. Experience the thrill of aiming and hitting a target. Bragging points don’t have to be limited to bull’s eyes. You could also take a step back in time and replace the gun with a bow and arrow. Sahas has 14 shooting bays with rifle shooting, crossbows, soft archery and more.
  • Body Zorb Fight: The Body Zorb Fight seems aggressive but you’ll laugh your way through it more than anything else. The experience is designed for two people who are enveloped in oversized bubbles and tasked with pushing the opponent off the green mat. It’s a laughter marathon of bouncing against each other.
  • Zorbing: Zorbing lets you feel what it would be like to roll down a hill inside a ball – it’s literally that. Harness yourself inside a giant plastic bubble and roll down a gentle slope. As your world goes topsy turvy, you’ll forget which way is way is up. Letting go never felt so good!
  • Sumo Suits: Experience the funny side of wrestling with Sumo Suit wrestling. You’ll be laughing before, during and after the fight!adventure-tour-in-hyderabad

Spending Your Weekends At Ramoji Film City

You can spend a whole day at Sahas and still have the energy to keep going. You can plan a trip here with a few friends, your family or even the office crowd. To make the most of your time here, plan a weekend getaway. Give yourself time to admire the sprawling sets, watch the shows and try a few daredevil stunts of your own. Book yourself into a hotel on the property and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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