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Ugadi, The Festival of Flavors

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Preparations are on high swing for the celebrations of New Year marking the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Calendar. This festival is celebrated in different regions of India with different names & customs as Ugadi in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra & Nabo Barsho in Kolkata. Ugadi marks a day of joy, happiness & people aspire for the new course of successful events.

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Right from decorating the house and shopping for New Year gifts and clothes etc, everybody relish the well known Ugadi Feast[Ugadi Pacchadi]. The Ugadi (New Year) pachadi is the first dish served to anyone on this festive day  in Andhra Pradesh. There are many variations in recipes for this pachadi. It has sweet, bitter, sour and many other ingredients. The mixtures of different tastes within a single dish symbolize happiness, sorrow & emotions in one’s life.You could Savour delectable Ugadi Pachadi in Galaxy Restaurant @ Sitara luxury hotel & be the part of the dazzling celebrations!

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