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Top 7 Wonders of the World You Can See at Ramoji Film City

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Ramoji Film City is indeed a top attraction in Hyderabad that attracts travelers all through the year, but it’s much more than a mere tourist spot. Spread over 1666 acres of land, the film city serves as a wonderland in itself. When we say ‘wonderland’, it means you can even see some of the wonders of the world here. How, you might ask? For starters, it takes you on a make-believe trip around the world, from the streets of London and the gardens of Japan to the towns of North India, and more. All you need to do is to get into our open vintage tour bus and explore the wonders of the world we have created within the studio complex. Curious to know more? Here is a quick rundown of the top 7 wonders of the world you can see and experience at Ramoji Film City.                                                                             

  • The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is on the bucket list of every passionate traveler and rightly so. This wrought-iron lattice tower located in Paris is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. What if we told you that you don’t have to travel all your way to France to witness the beauty of this magnificent edifice? You can see a wonderfully designed replica of the tower right inside our studio complex.The Eiffel Tower replica at Ramoji Film City might not match the scale and grandeur of the original structure, but it is no less appealing. It is designed to perfection and boasts of excellent artistry. The whole structure is beautifully illuminated, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. 

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  • Princess Street of London                                                                                                                               

Now that you have seen the Eiffel Tower, one of the most iconic structures in Europe, how about walking through the streets of London? Yes, we are talking about Princess Street! The day tour at Ramoji Film City will take you through a beautiful avenue that is modeled on international boulevards. Needless to say, the street exudes the look and feel of an international cityscape, complete with tall buildings, mansion-like houses, and lush green lawns. Many a movie are shot on Princess Street and each moment you spend here will remind you of scenes from your favorite blockbusters. What’s more, our 2-star property named Shantiniketan is located right on this street, so you can even choose to stay here. Now, isn’t that an amazing experience?



  • North Town, the Quintessential North Indian Cityscape 

Want to take a trip back to India and explore the desi vibes that only a small Indian town can offer? We give you that experience too. A unique attraction of the film city tour is the North Town and as the name suggests, it is designed like a small town in Northern India. The captivating beauty of the town will fill you with a sense of familiarity and help you reminisce about the popular Bollywood movies shot here. The entire North Town set is designed paying attention to even the minutest of details. Houses and buildings that display the Indian style of architecture, masjids, tea stalls, sweet shops – name it and you will see it all here!


  • The Statue of Liberty     

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most-visited monuments not just in the United States of America but in the whole world. This colossal neoclassical structure features the Roman liberty goddess with a torch in her right hand and a tabula ansata in the left hand. If you haven’t had the chance to travel to the US and witness this majestic monument, we offer you a chance to see a scaled-down replica of it. We, at Ramoji Film City, have created a miniature model of the Statue of Liberty within the studio complex. Don’t forget to capture some Insta-worthy pictures posing in front of this scaled-down replica.



  • The Japanese Garden 

Ever seen a Japanese Garden? Such traditional gardens are designed in line with the philosophical and aesthetical principles followed in Japan. They usually feature pagodas, stones, lanterns, bridges, plants, water basins, and the like. Those who haven’t been to a traditional Japanese Garden can explore one at Ramoji Film City. It is one of the thematic gardens housed inside the studio complex. The garden is designed with all quintessential elements of a traditional Japanese Garden. Do take some time to walk around this garden, explore the attractions it houses, and click some amazing photographs.



  • Wings, the Exotic Bird Park

Don’t think replicas of world monuments and statues are the only wonders you can see at Ramoji. In fact, we also have some ‘living wonders’ housed with the studio complex and that too from different parts of the world. Interested in meeting them? Step into Wings, the exotic bird park at Ramoji Film City that is home to many winged wonders from across the globe including Africa, South America, North America, Denmark, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, and more. Black Necked Swans from the wetlands of South America, Mute Swans from Denmark, Trumpeter Swans from North America, and Ostriches from Africa are some of the feathered friends you will find at Wings. Of course, there are many more inhabitants that call this bird park their home, ranging from Macaws and Cockatoos to Pheasants and water birds. Click here to learn more about the bird park at Ramoji and its colorful inhabitants.


  • Bollywood and Tollywood Backlots

That’s not all! The day tour at Ramoji Film City will take you through an expansive arrange of Bollywood and Tollywood backlots, each of which is a wonderland. From familiar life-size shooting sets like a railway station, police station, post office, airport, and vegetable market to replicas of famous tourist sites in India like the Taj Mahal, the Gateway of India, Hawa Mahal and Vrindavan Garden, the film city houses plenty of awe-inspiring sets. Besides these, the shooting locations of Tollywood blockbusters like Baahubali and Sarileru Neekevvaru are also open to visitors. Stepping into these sets and reliving the scenes from your favorite Bollywood and Tollywood movies is an experience you cannot get elsewhere in the country. That’s precisely why Ramoji Film City is counted among the top tourist places in India. 

ramoji-film-cityHow to Explore the World Wonders at Ramoji Film City? 

In addition to the above-mentioned wonders, Ramoji Film City houses an amazing range of attractions including live shows, a kids’ park named Fundustan, a butterfly enclosure, and a bonsai garden named Vaman, among others. So, how do you go about visiting these? Simple! You just need to choose a package that best fits your budget. Ramoji Star Experience and Ramoji Day Tour are two of the most popular packages chosen by our visitors. Those who are planning a visit during the summer can also opt for our seasonal packages like Summer Carnival Star Experience, Summer Carnival Day Tour, Summer Carnival Noon Fiesta, and Summer Carnival Twilight, to name a few. To get more details and book your film city tour tickets, click hereWith so many world wonders to explore and experience, you won’t have a dull moment while visiting the film city. Plan your trip and book your tickets today. Wonders from all over the world are waiting to be explored!  





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