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Top 7 Reasons Why Ramoji Film City is An Exquisite Location for Destination Weddings

Written by Ramoji Film City

Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings are solemnized and celebrated on earth. Don’t you think the most important journey of your life must begin on a stunning and magical note? Now, what can be a better way to take your first step towards a happily-ever-after life than with a destination wedding? If you are looking for a dream-like destination with oodles of glitz, glamor, fun, and sumptuous food, Ramoji Film City is where your wedding dreams can come true. The film city, which is touted as the largest studio complex in the world, tops the list of couples and their families who want to celebrate the memorable occasion in all its grandeur.

So what makes Ramoji Film City one of the most preferred choices for destination weddings in India? Read on, as we give you the top 7 reasons that make weddings at this sprawling studio complex a grand and unforgettable affair.

  1. Exotic Themes that Bring Your Dreams Alive

What’s in a wedding theme, you might ask? We say oh-so-much! A theme allows you to create a story around your wedding ceremony and the related events through decor, food, costume, light, music, setting, and more. At Ramoji Film City, you can make your pick from a wide range of themes that help you bring your wedding dreams alive. Whether you wish to get married like a prince and princess in a royal setting, a hero and heroine in a Bollywood night setting, a city couple in a village setting or anything else, you will the right settings here. What’s more, you can even opt for a customized theme to personalize the whole affair.

  1. Grand Backdrops for Your Big Day

The perfect venue can add life and spirit to your wedding in more ways than one. Imagine that you select a royal theme for your wedding and get to solemnize the rituals and conduct the ceremony right inside a majestic palace. Won’t it be cool? That’s another reason why Ramoji Film City has made it to the list of top destination wedding locations in the country. From lavish indoor settings to picturesque outdoor locations, your wedding backdrop can be anything you wish for. In case the setting you are looking for is not readily available, we’ll create it for you so that you can celebrate your magical moments and carry back the fondest memories.

  1. Dine, Wine, and Shine in Style

Food has a way of finding its place at every Indian celebration and it’s no different for wedding ceremonies as well. A long and lavish spread is one of the defining characteristics of big fat Indian weddings. When you are at Ramoji Film City, you can rest assured that the food fiesta will be as grand and exotic as you can imagine. From customized menus, authentic cuisines, signature dishes, and vintage wines to experienced chefs, dining styles, thematic services, and tasteful cutlery, the wedding dinners at the film city are as splendid as they can get. You can expect a celebration of tastes and flavors that you and your guests won’t forget for a long time.

  1. Take Celebrations to the Next Level

You must have danced to the songs of your favorite film stars several times. For a change, how about having a film star or celebrity to perform at your wedding? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This is yet another aspect that makes destination weddings at Ramoji Film City several cuts above the ordinary – you can sing, dance, and make merry to your heart’s content. With a fine range of entertainment options including live bands, music, DJs, theme dances, solo and group performances, celebrity performances, and star entertainers, your guests won’t have a dull moment at all. Needless to say, your wedding will remain etched in their memory.

  1. Must-Dos, Moments, and Memories

A wedding is a single-day event but the memories created on that occasion last a lifetime. That is precisely why you need an expert wedding photographer to capture the whole event. Ramoji Film City provides you with the best photographers who can capture everything with élan, right from the must-do photo sessions against glamorous backdrops to the impromptu moments of love and romance. Well, that’s not all. You can also have an audio-video team at your service to capture the whole story of your wedding and create onscreen magic. Also, you can have a special website of your own to share all the special moments and memories with your loved ones and guests.

  1. Wedding-Related Services to Keep You Stress-Free

More often than not, it’s the small things that matter the most, especially in a grand event like a wedding. That’s why most couples and their immediate families remain stressed throughout the event. But when choose Ramoji Film City as the destination for your wedding, you can say goodbye to all that stress. With a plethora of wedding-related services at your disposal, you can prepare for your big day without worries. Right from wedding cards, floral arrangements, and bridal shower to catering, wedding party, spa facilities, trousseau packing, and bridal make-up, every aspect of the big day is taken care of. In short, you can simply put up your feet and enjoy the most memorable day of your life in the company of your partner.

  1. Dedicated Event Management Team to Plan Your Wedding

A wedding is not just about the ceremonies, parties, glitz, glamor, and fun. It’s also about taking care of the logistics, accommodations, and what not! This is where you need an event management team to plan and execute even the minutest aspect of the day and at Ramoji Film City, you get a dedicated team for that. With a professional team to fall back on, you can be sure that all the needs of your guests are being attended to. Your team will be there at all moments to manage the behind-the-scenes scenarios.

When it’s the most special event of your life, wouldn’t you want to celebrate it in the grandest way possible? So, go ahead with your dream wedding plans at a venue that makes it all possible – the one and only Ramoji Film City!







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