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Top 5 Fun Activities to do in Fundustan at Ramoji Film City

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Fundustan is an ideal fun place in Hyderabad for Kids and parents. The games are designed in such a way that, tiny tot’s mind constantly focus on their imagination, movement, art and socialization.

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Experience the intensity of fun, excitement, thrill & joy in the world of fun games at Kids Park. It is a perfect fun place to play, learn & have joy. You can play the entire day with widespread games of discovering the hidden wonders in every nook & corner of Fundustan.

Try out these top 5 fun activities, the next time you head out with your kids to The World’s Largest Ramoji Film City!

  • Dadajinn’s Live TV Show

Dadajinn’s Live TV Show is the most enjoyable live entertainment show at Dome Theatre. Dadajinn loves playing cricket & entertain kids with his various dance styles. Dadajinn is a great fighter too & proves his fighting skills by bashing the villains of Borasura black & blue! So never attempt to miss watching the Live Funny Show of Dadajinn.

  • Borasura – Mysterious Magician Workshop

borasura in ramoji film city

Enter Asia’s first interactive walkthrough of the scare – the evil magician’s workshop. Experience some “Spine-chilling paranormal phenomenon spread across the 7,200 sq. ft. maze of mystery. Be aware of your footsteps, as mysterious suspense are hidden in every inch of Borasura.

  • Large Size Snake & Ladder Game


Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. Have more fun playing the most popular board game in a large size arena. So come along with your family & friends to enjoy crossing over the huge snakes to win.

  • Disco Rain Dance


Rain Dance is the best for people of all ages to dance for hours on end, with lots of splashes! Come & chill out with your dancing buddies as we sway to the latest Bollywood beats!

  • Dadajinn’s Ark


Loads of fun, entertainment & excitement awaits you at Dadajinn’s ark. It is housed with exciting video games & loads of playing gadgets. Kid’s love to explore more on electronic gadgets along with their family & friends.

Last but not the least, kids can shop their favourites at Presto. Don’t miss gifting your kid’s favourite merchandise at this magical Toy Shop.


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