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The Best Attractions in Ramoji Film City

ramoji film city attractions
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Be the part of ever graceful shows & most thrilling attractions at Ramoji Film City! I was wonder stuck with the most enthralling Filmy Duniya, which took me to all the wonderful tourists spot of the Globe without any hassle! Being addicted to horror movies, I wanted to visit Borasura Magician’s workshop & its the must visit spot as it curdles the most bravest heart too! I would warn you to maintain your pulse so as to remain calm as Borasura Magic Workshop is a real scary zone!

Filmi Duniya

Welcome to Ramoji Film City Filmy Duniya, where one needs no visa to travel across continents. The craft and creativity hoodwinks a sense of reality. Hence, when you are amidst the sets of a Ali Baba and Chalis Chora or stroll through the manmade cities of Bangkok or Paris, it will take a pinch to make you realize that you are in the magic world!!!!

ramoji film city attractionsBorasura ‘s  A Magicians Workshop 

Enter Asia’s first interactive walkthrough of scare – Borasura’s horror house, the evil magician’s workshop at Ramoji Film City. This is just the right place for those wanting to experience some “spine-chilling paranormal phenomenon. The 7,200 sq. ft maze of mystery will curdle any brave-heart’s blood, for the first time.theme park in hyderabad

Birds Park 

Wings a royal dynasty of exotic birds amidst the enthralling landscape will make you feel the natures beauty. Birds Park @ Ramoji Film City has almost all species to impress Avian Lovers along with lots of fun filled entertainment by the charming feathered  resident.


Butterfly Park Watch in awe as these vibrant colored butterflies fly and feed around you. May it rain or shine enjoy the unique pleasure of discovering infinite number of the worlds most spectacular and beautiful butterflies flying in an exotic environment with splashing waterfalls!

ramoji film city

Kripalu Caves  For the immense feel of serenity amidst the natures beauty visit kripalu caves. The cave narrates the diversified religions & history of Kalinga Mardhan & Bodhisattva. Being greatly influenced by the artistic traditions of India, Sri.Ramoji Rao Garu has instilled an intricate cave named as Kripalu Caves. Located at the rear of the hall is a large shrine of Buddha preaching the three divine jewels which steal away your heart to the divinity of Buddham Sharanam Gacchaami, Dharmam Sharanam Gacchaami, and Sangam Sharanam Gacchaami. This is a must visit as you emerge from a magnificent jewel of art & religion.

ramoji film city attractions

Sahas – Adventure Land

Race your pulse by leaping into the Asia’s Largest Adventure Land located in Ramoji Film City. Sahas adventure land is well known for its High Rope Courses, zorbing, Bungee ejection, All Terrain Vehicle [ATV] rides, Shooting, Archery & many more!!!! The list just goes on & on. If you a true adventure junkie at heart, Sahas is the best adventurous land of excitement, thrill & enthusiasm.




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