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The Mother of all Summer Holiday Carnivals Awaits You at Ramoji Film City!

summer holiday carnival at Ramoji Film City
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Summer Holiday Carnival are all about getting together with friends and family doing something different, exploring your hobbies, and having fun. And this year, Ramoji Film City is the ideal destination. From April 21st to June 5th, Ramoji Film City will be hosting the Ramoji Holiday Carnival – a 46-day long festive extravaganza with entertainment, activities, parades, and more. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

The fun begins right from the moment you step into the park. Guests will be welcomed by the club’s mascots – Sheru, Dadajin, Sunny dude, and more with a supporting cast of musicians. As colorful smoke billows into the air, picture the welcoming mascots handing out candies and cool mints. Every minute from there on promises to make your summer memorable.

The Ramoji Film City Experience

The Ramoji Holiday Carnival offers guests a chance to see all the Ramoji Film City highlights. The Bahubali set is a must-visit and is included in all the entry packages. It’s one of the biggest, most elaborate sets created for a movie. Walkthrough the mythical streets of Mahishmati and pose with props used in the movie.

bahubali set tour in ramoji film city

Remember the scene with the arrows – you could recreate it with yourself as the star. That’s not the only set you can expect to see. Princess Street mimics the cobbled of Europe with mansions on either side where you can pose and take a few photographs. There are expansive gardens where songs have been shot and several permanent sets of airports, railway stations, Indian streets, and so on.

There are also plenty of entertainment shows including  Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, Spirit of Ramoji, Dome Show & Lights Camera Action waiting to be enjoyed. What’s more, guests can spend time at Action Theatre, Film Duniya, and Space Yatra. Each experience is unique.

It’s not just about getting a glimpse at what goes on behind the movie screen, Ramoji Film City also has vast gardens that you can picnic in and an eco-zone with a bonsai garden, butterfly park, and aviary. Children and adults alike can also enjoy complimentary rides on many of the park’s mechanical rides. Zones like Fundustan, Borasura, and Toyland promise to keep children entertained for hours. And if it gets too hot, you can cool off with a rain dance.

open air rain dance in summer holiday carnival

An Insta-Friendly Festival

There is no end to the photographs you can click here – after all, if it isn’t on social media, did it even happen? Pose amidst the film sets and recreate your favorite movie scenes or take advantage of the special festival add-ons. There’s the Rajasthani gachigodi and safa photo opportunity for a cultural edge, beautiful girls dressed up as butterflies with illuminated wings, and Shaolin fighters at the pond pagoda. Don’t miss the Japanese Geishas and dragons.

summer holiday carnival illuminations

Talent Shows

Ramoji Film City was designed to give filmmakers a space they can walk in with an idea and walk out with a finished reel. This makes Ramoji Film City, the ideal place to spot new talent too.

The Ramoji Holiday Carnival hosts a talent show and gives all guests a chance to enjoy their minute of fame. From stand-up comedy to ramp walks, mimicry, and dancing, – whatever your talent maybe, you get a minute to show off your talent. If you’re lucky, you might be spotted by someone special and get to participate in shoots taking place at the railway station set.

Carnival Float Parade

A carnival would be incomplete without a parade and so, this is a highlight of the festival you shouldn’t miss out on. As the sun sets, the carnival takes on whole new energy and the festive vibe reverberates throughout the park.

The carnival parade has several floats with Sheru, Dadajin, Sunny dude, and more. It’s led by costumed dancers, bands with trumpets, stilt walkers, and characters with illuminated costumes. What’s more, there’s an aerial firework show that will add a sparkle to the celebrations.

Festival Special Attractions

Several special stalls and activities are being organized for the Summer Holiday Carnival. There’s face painting, cartoon masks, caricature counters, temporary tattoos, jugglers, singers, bangle makers, and more. On the activity front, there are rope walkers, arm wrestling stations, stick dancers, monkey charmers, parrot card readers, and camel rides spread out in the flea market.

summer carnival prop station

In addition to the restaurants and their expansive menus, the festival also has several food trucks and counters to satiate your hunger. After all, what’s a holiday without ice cream or a gola or sugar cane…

Staying overnight for double the fun

Sometimes, a day doesn’t feel like it’s enough to experience all the beauty of Ramoji Film City. That’s why there are plenty of stay options for luxury, comfort and budgeted accommodation on and around the premises. The options range from luxury suites at the Sitara hotel to budget service apartments and shared dormitory accommodation. If you’re planning to visit the summer holiday carnival as a family getaway, the Vasundhara Villa is a great place to stay.

vasundhara villa for group picnic

Planning Your Trip to the Festival

For the duration of the festival, Ramoji Film City is offering day tourism, adventure, and combo packages this summer holiday carnival. The Holiday Carnival Studio tour and the Holiday Carnival Star experience offer all-day entry while the Holiday Carnival Twilight Delight and Holiday Carnival Star Experience Evening are designed for a later-afternoon to evening experience.

summer holiday carnival with adventure fun

While these packages are focused on the magic of movies as celebrated by Ramoji Film City, the Holiday Carnival Sahas Combo package brings together the best of love for movies and adventure – you can explore the world of movies and try your hand at a few adrenaline-fueled activities too. There’s even a package created just for school groups.

The prices of all holiday carnival packages are listed on the website but if you’re looking for a steal deal, make sure you’re following the Ramoji Film City Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Keep an eye out for competitions being organized throughout the festival.

Every day at the Ramoji Summer Holiday Carnival may offer something new. The best way to keep abreast with all the excitement is through the Ramoji Holiday Carnival 2022 Facebook Event page. Click here to get linked to the event and start planning!


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