What's New Hotels at Ramoji Film City

Stay at Sahara & Discover The Cine – Magical Charm of Ramoji Film City!

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A family vacation creates memories that lasts a lifetime, and there’s no better place to take the kids other than Ramoji Film City. Discover the most fascinating film city, spectacular live shows, mock film shoot, tantalizing food with great stay @ Sahara Shared Accommodation!


Explore thematic gardens, fascinating fountains, mythological sets, exotic birds park, aesthetically designed butterfly park, magic of movie making, thrill rides & Many More!

Children love exploring the ultimate Kid’s Wonder Zone Fundustan, abode of Kid’s Friendly Dadajinn! Never to miss Dadajinn’s Live TV Show, Video games @ Dadajin’s ark, Borasura – Magician’s Workshop, Rain Dance, Kid’s Wonderville, Toyland & many more surprises awaits for young visitors!


Everyone will have a blast with loads of fun & entertainment! Not to mention, you would love the delicious delights too! Our Multi-Cuisine Restaurants offer a wide variety of delicacies to match all choice makers! Create happy memories with your families & friends by booking your trip to The Land of Cinema!

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