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Sound and light extravaganza, Diwali @ Ramoji Film City

ramoji film city diwali celebrations
Written by Ramoji Film City

It is the most wonderful time of the year with the festival of lights, Diwali. The splendor of lights, the sound of fireworks, the indulgence in gastronomic fare and the bonhomie, all make it a delightful goodie bag.

While there is no awesome alternative to celebrate Diwali with the dear ones in our lovely homes, there are those stunning opportunities to take the revelry mood to a new arena filled with a carnival atmosphere and dazzling in its resplendence, where the early winter chill blankets us with cool breeze washing the face gently and the fog tickling softly. Just wait and watch as the evening sky suddenly turns a canvas and the fireworks splash it with millions of hues running riot. The brilliantly lit up arenas drenched in bright lights, the carnival parade, and DJ’s pulsating beats, and finally the grandeur in its entirely swaying your mood and the mind.

For decades, Diwali at Ramoji Film City is an irresistible offering that has seen patrons sticking to it loyally and breaking the cycle of home celebration. While Ramoji Film City modestly accepts that it is in no competition with homemade revelry, making the revelers feel at home has been duly ensured. With a variety of offers on stay packages and extended visit hours beside the fairy-tale might of Bahubali, all welcome you to experience Diwali celebrations made in Ramoji Film City.

Not all occasions leaves in awestruck as Diwali where the Film City is entirely lit up and words fall short to describe the beauty.

The carnival parade is an altogether out-of-the-world experience. The multi-hued themed floats marching on the dream avenues – it’s all about breaking free and drowning in a sea of the spectacles, music, and costumes. The pageantry of Carnival, the jugglers, high-hatted stilt walkers and jesters with amusing live acts are sure to accentuate the mood!

Believe it or not, the entertainment runs into the night and the fun is simply unstoppable.

Yet again, this Diwali shone in its ultimate radiance at the world’s largest film city. The crowds from all over the country made it microcosm of India, while people from all age groups had turned it into a colorful kaleidoscope.

While waiting for the next Diwali, it is a friendly reminder about the upcoming New Year carnival that sets the mood and tone for one of the most electrifying welcomes to the New Year and the warmth-filled farewell to the current year

Happy Diwali

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