Holiday Carnival 2022

Make Your Evenings Full of Entertainment with Ramoji Holiday Carnival 2022

A visit to a carnival is the most fun when you are with the right people. Finding a day when everyone is free may be difficult. You may have one friend busy with classes while another has a project ongoing. It might be easier to get everyone together in the second half of the day. That is why Ramoji Film City offers two special Holiday Carnival Packages for the evenings.

What’s Special About The Ramoji Holiday Carnival?

While a visit to Ramoji Film City is guaranteed to be fun on any day, there’s a lot more excitement in the air during the Holiday Carnival. The carnival started on the 21st of April and will continue till the 5th of June. During these 46 days, there will be illuminated film city in the evening, special entertainment, a flea market, and of course, dazzling carnival parade. 

Watch the full video to get all the idea about Ramoji Holiday Carnival.

Attractions And Activities 

There are many new attractions around the gardens and permanent sets. Take a selfie with Geishas at the Japanese garden and Shaolin monks at the Kripalu caves. The amphitheater is hosting several activities for children and adults ranging from magic shows to skill-based games and even a talent show. 

The attractions in Fundoostan may be aimed at appeasing children but no rule says adults have to keep away. Imagine what it would feel like to walk into Sheru’s Ice Cream castle and Dadajin’s Chocolate Factory. There’s even a rain dance and a foam party!

Happy Street Activities

When it’s time for retail therapy, the flea market promises to meet and surpass all your expectations. There are a host of merchandise stores of course and in addition, there are tarot card readers, caricature artists, street magicians, selfie booths, and food stalls. 

As the sun sets, Ramoji Film City is illuminated and transformed into a magical world. It’s not just the sets that are lit up, you’ll even meet fantasy characters in illuminated costumes. The evening closing ceremony stage is larger than life and the ideal platform for dance, illuminated bands, and much more. 

Carnival Parade

The carnival parade is a must-see. Every evening after the sun sets, the park is illuminated with magical lights, and a series of floats rolls through the park with costumed mascots, dancers, musicians, stilt walkers, and more. 

Ramoji Holiday Tour Packages & Ticket Prices

In addition to the all-day passes, Ramoji Film City has two packages curated for people who want to spend an evening enjoying the sights and experiences.

Holiday Carnival Star Experience Evening

If you like sleeping in on a holiday morning, then this is the ideal carnival package for you. Curated to let you enjoy the carnival experience with the sunset on the horizon, this package lets you choose between starting your carnival experience with a buffet lunch or ending it with a gala dinner with soulful Sufi dancers performing around the Sun fountain.

Tour the park in an air-conditioned coach and visit the unique Bhagavatham and Bahubali sets. The tour takes you to some of Ramoji Film City’s iconic features like Space Yatra, Filmi Duniya, the Ramoji Movie Magic- Action Theatre, and the Ecozone with its butterfly park, aviary, bonsai garden, and Kripalu cave. 

The Spirit of Ramoji show, Wild West Stunt Show, Dome show, and Light. Camera. Action. promise to keep you spellbound. And to top that, there’s the spectacular carnival parade and the illuminated ambiance to make sure your evening is special. 

  • Ticket prices for adults: Rs 2034 + taxes
  • Ticket prices for children: Rs 1834 + taxes
  • Entry time: 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm 

Holiday Carnival Twilight Delight

Ramoji Film City at twilight is a mesmerizing sight and this package is curated to make your evenings special and to showcase theme park highlights. Visit the Baahubali set and see Princess Street buzzing with excitement. From the palaces to the chariot, every set is a work of art. Make sure you take plenty of photographs. Note that the last bus for the Bahubali sets leaves at 4 pm. 

The Holiday Carnival Twilight Delight package gives you access to Space Yatra and Filmi Duniya and opens doors to the Movie Magic- Action Theatre. You also get to witness the special evening entertainment and the spectacular carnival parade. End your evening admiring the illuminated ambiance and feasting on a gala dinner.

  • Ticket prices for adults: Rs 1250 + taxes
  • Ticket prices for children: Rs 1050 + taxes
  • Entry time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm 

Planning Your Visit?

Tickets for both the Holiday Carnival Star Experience Evening and the Holiday Carnival Twilight Delight are available online through the Ramoji Film City website. There are also several online and offline competitions being held throughout the carnival with free passes to be won. So, make sure you follow the Ramoji Film City Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Are you ready to celebrate summer and have some fun?

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