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Wedding is the most special event & Ramoji Film City makes the families to reminiscence the enchanting nuptial knot amidst the fanfare of spectacular thematic wedding.  The party of a lifetime at Ramoji Film city, where our wedding planners design and deliver the most exquisite decor, reception, dining & the most enthralling live performances including DJ’s for the evening reception & the guests would definitely stay glued to the dance floor. The bride dazzling in her attire will just be perfect for vibrant celebrations amidst the fanfare of groom’s Bollywood dance. The night would be decked with the luxurious contemporary decor, fabulous floral & the photographic phenomena from the wedding documentary capturing in a highly detailed cinematography. The celebration is a visual treat in the ambience of perfect Indian tradition mixed with incredible wedding feast. As an added fiesta, you could easily design an e-magazine of your wedding featuring the highlights of fun, laughter, Masti & Dhamaka!

To know more, about the thematic wedding celebration, here you go!

The Perfect Wedding Destination for your Love

Enjoy your day whilst we plan & manage your W Day from start to finish with atmost perfection presenting a fresh perspective & novel approach. .Our wedding planners make your wedding the most perfectly beautiful & gift you with the memories that surpass your expectations & be treasured for a lifetime. Let it be the most memorable & colorful with the thematic decors of exclusive selections of mandap to destination wedding. 

Exotic Themes for the very special D-Day


The most important day of one’s life is D-Day. D Day is the grand success with the ambience of Royal Wedding blending with the themes of Rajput, Muhgal Era & Many more…..Our wedding planners blend your day with the perfect & awesome thematic wedding in the filmy style of Mamtaaz Begum or Chandramukhi. Every ceremony is given a unique touch & every location is decorated with the perfect blend of tradition & grandeur. The fusion of the dream wedding & the D Day excites & makes your D Day, the most exotic lovely day.

Spectacular Grandeur Wedding Venues


Explore wedding colors and themes for your big day. Tie the nuptial knot in the best splendid unique thematic wedding destination decorated in our most spectacular venues. From cultural themes to nostalgia-filled affairs, our wedding planners have ton of creatively themed dazzling venues over the years.  We have world class designer’s right from floral decoration to the attire of the Bride & Groom of the day matching the theme & decor of the venue!

The Most Splendid Enchanting Wedding


To make your special moment the most unforgettable celebration, our professional wedding planners provide personalized and innovative wedding services. Adhering to the blend of grandeur, traditions grace & colors of celebration, your D-Day would be the most Elegant, Festive & full of fun.  With the dual approach to unique varied themes & entertainment for every special occasion of your wedding, you always cherish your memories of fantastic wedding forever & ever. Matching your attire our bangle decorators make beautiful bangles &  have the stock of perfumes suiting your choice! Isn’t this too unique & amazing to be the part of your wedding?

Delicious Food Fiesta


Savor the distinctive flavors from our exotic dining services along with the unique stunning presentation. It’s in our nature to be able to evolve any occasion into an unforgettable and inspiring sensory experience. Our Chef’s culinary art would showcase ample of varieties right from Delhi’s Golgappa to Kolkata’s Rasgulla to Madhya Pradesh’s Rabdi. Not only in sweets or desserts or chats or starters or main course, our chefs have intricately designed thematic wedding cakes as part of the celebration of Food Fiesta!  I’m damn sure that, one would never opt to take a break from dining!



Begin new life with the paradise of your love in the canvas of romance embroidered by the perfect ambience. Together with your partner, choose Ramoji Film City as honeymoon destination and & we create the perfect romantic aura for you. The reverie of the visit will keep coming to your mind and the longing to visit us, will remain forever as we make your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience exclusively memorable and extraordinary.

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