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Ramoji Film City’s Longest Winter Fest

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It’s the perfect time of year for a cup of hot chocolate and some enchanting tales. And who tells stories better than the movies? As we all know, when it comes to getting a sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes in filmmaking, Ramoji Film City is the ultimate destination.

This winter, there’s something special being planned for all film and fun lovers – the longest Winter Fest ever! There are special tours of splendid sets, carnival parades, live stage shows and plenty more.

Yes, we are talking about Ramoji Film City’s longest-ever Winter Festival. The festival starts on December 17th and ends on January 30th. It is a long time but if you don’t start planning soon, the days may pass by in a blur and you might miss out on the fun. Don’t let that happen. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the wonders of the Ramoji Film City with many-many added attractions.

There are six Winter Fest Tour Packages you can choose from. Four of these tours focus on the Ramoji Film City while one covers a variety of adventure activities in the Sahas Adventure Park and the other one offers a combination of set tours and adventure activities.

The common feature of all the tours is the promise of exhilarating fun, a chance to see the Ramoji Film City in dazzling lights and witness spectacular shows. Let’s check out the highlights of each tour.

Winter Fest Ramoji Studio Tour

The Ramoji Studio Tour starts with an opening ceremony and takes visitors on a guided tour of the sets in a vintage bus with a stop at the Bahubali sets for a closer look at the Mahishmati Kingdom. Remember, the last bus for this tour leaves at 4 pm.

You can also enjoy the Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, the Spirit of Ramoji, the Dome Theater shows and experience film-making at the Lights-Camera-Action show. The tour also includes shows such as the Filmy Duniya and Space Yatra.

In addition, you can walk through the Wings Bird Park and the Butterfly Park or relax in the Bonsai gardens. Finally, you can witness the closing ceremony.

For kids, there are exciting times at Fundustan, Borasura and Toy Land. There is also a rain dance to look forward to. That’s not all, the tour includes the Carousel, Ranger, Frisbee and 4 other complementary rides!

  • Entry Time: 9.00AM to 2.30PM only
  • Tour Time: 9.00AM to 5.30PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 1150/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 950/- + Taxes

Winter Fest Ramoji Star Experience              

When you choose the Ramoji Premium Experience, you can see the Film City from the comfort of an air-conditioned coach. The tour starts with an opening ceremony and takes you to the Bahubali Sets.

You also get express entry to Ramoji Movie Magic – Action Theatre and Space Yatra and Filmy Duniya for spectacular shows. Then there’s the fabulous Spirit of Ramoji, Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, Dome Show and Lights Camera Action.

The tour also takes you to lesser-known highlights of the park like the Wings aviary, the Butterfly Park, the Vaman Bonsai Bonanza, and other shooting locations. You won’t have to worry about walking too much or long queues with this experience.

For children, the shows at Fundustan and Borasura and rain dance are the key highlights. They also get to experience the thrill of complimentary rides like the Twister, Breakdance, Carousel and Ranger. Adults can enjoy 7 complimentary rides including the Super Jet, Frisbee and Ranger.

Adding to the allure of the Ramoji Premium Experience is a chocolate box as a welcome gift, access to packaged drinking water and coupons for a buffet lunch and drinks as well as a coupon for merchandise.

  • Entry Time: 9.00AM to 11.00AM only
  • Tour Time: 9.00AM to 5.30PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 2349/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 2149/- + Taxes


Winter Fest Ramoji College Special Package

Some experiences are best shared with a large group. The College Special Package includes a guided tour of the film sets including the massive Bahubali set and shows such as the Action Theatre and Space Yatra.

Then there’s entertainment in the form of live shows including the Spirit of Ramoji, Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, Dada Jinn’s Live TV Show and the Hollywood Black Light Spectacular Show.

The tour also takes you to places and gardens like the Wings Aviary, the Butterfly Park and the Bonsai gardens that make you feel at peace and away from busy city life. You can also unleash your inner child at Fundustan, Borasura, Toyland, enjoy an exciting Rain Dance and participate in 7 complimentary rides.

The tour price is inclusive of a customized lunch and a bottle of drinking water. A note on the college letterhead and your college ID are compulsory for this package.

  • Entry Time: 09.00AM to 2.00PM only
  • Tour Time: 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 1017/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 932/- + Taxes

Winter Fest Ramoji School Special Package

There is no denying the fact that Ramoji Film City is a magical experience for children. Start your day with the opening ceremony at Eureka and enjoy a guided tour of the film sets in a vintage bus.

The entertainment shows at Eureka, Fundustan and Borasura are sure to mesmerize children of all ages. The package also includes access to the Wings Aviary and sections of Ramoji Movie Magic. Not to forget, there are complimentary mechanical rides to be enjoyed too! A note on the school letterhead and a school ID are compulsory for this package.

  • Entry Time: 09.00 AM to 02.30PM only
  • Tour Time: 09.00 AM to 05.30PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 805/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 720/- + Taxes

Winter Fest Sahas Adventure Experience

Ramoji Film City may be known for its elaborate sets but there’s also an adventure park that’s just as impressive. The Winter Fest Sahas Adventure Experience takes you to the Sahas Adventure Park and lets you enjoy thrilling activities like Level II of the High Rope Course, the Upper Net Course, Reverse Bungee Ejection, MTB/cycling and more.

You can also spend some time at the Paintball arena with 15 paintball bullets each.

  • Entry Time: 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM only
  • Tour Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 999/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 799/- + Taxes

Winter Fest Ramoji Sahas Combo

Experience the best of both sides of Ramoji Film City – the sets and the adventure parks with the Winter Fest Ramoji Sahas Combo. After a guided tour of the film sets in a vintage bus, you can experience other highlights of the film city and the adventure park.

The tour includes the Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, the Spirit of Ramoji, 6 complimentary rides for children, rain dance and access to Fundustan and Borasura.

Adults can enjoy three activities at the Sahas Adventure Park while children can participate in 4 activities – High Rope Course Level – I, Low Net Course, Kids Bungee Trampoline and Soft Archery. For adults, the choice ranges from Paintball and the High Rope Course to Bungee Ejection, Compound Archery, Rifle Shooting and Zip Lining.

  • Entry Time: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM only
  • Tour Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adult: ₹ 1650/- + Taxes
    • Child: ₹ 1450/- + Taxes
  • Ramoji Film City’s Winter Festival could be the perfect way to end 2021 or start 2022. When you’re planning the experience, make sure to follow the Ramoji Film City’s social media handles for real-time updates on special offers and discounts.

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