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Theme Park in Hyderabad
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As the monsoon bids goodbye and the skies are clear, the drops of snow and the faint feel of fog get ready to welcome you

Imagine this! The sprawling gardens drenched in the dew open up to a golden hue as the tender sun rays kiss them gently. The birds are never lazy and begin chirping to wake you up and relish the misty morning filling your soul with peace and heart with happiness. The long-winding roads with blooming flowers smile as they shower fragrances. All these are not a fantasy; they form the picture perfect and are an integral offering under any winter holiday package you wish to choose at Ramoji Film City.

At Ramoji Film City, nothing is too early. Are you confused about what we are referring to? Yes, it is the winter fun that still looks comfortably a long way to go on the calendar. But any delay in picking your date only meant you missed the bus to the chilliest winter celebrations at the world’s largest film studio complex and the complete tourist destination of Hyderabad.

Theme Park in Hyderabad

At Ramoji Film City, the winter masti is all about the getting breaking free in the misty mornings, going crazy during the pleasant day and beating the chill under lights with unlimited action, only at the most exciting holiday place.

Ramoji Film City is getting ready with some scintillating winter fest tour packages to welcome you with your family and friends. The packages include marvel-filled tour experience through the pleasant environs of the grand tourist complex. Unravel the magic of cinema through Ramoji Studio Tour, besides being bowled over by Ramoji Premium Experience, Ramoji Noon Fiesta, and Ramoji Twilight Package. The customised tour packages include fine and memorable stay at the hotels of Film City.

From the exciting visit to film sets, Ramoji Movie Magic to the stunning tour of Baahubali set, from a classic rendezvous with the birds and butterflies to the sensational space yatra and spectacular Hollywood show, the packages come in different lists and you have to pick your favourite that is comprehensive, classic and gives you the longest engagement with the most alluring sightseeing destination. So, it is simple, the longer your stay at Ramoji Film City, the more amazing and varied the holiday experience it is!

bahubali shooting at ramojiThe Winter Fest Tour Packages are offered from December 13 to December 26 and are followed by the explosive revelry of the Longest New Year Party

So, don’t wait to delay and decide and pick your Mac or Lenovo, iPhone or One Plus, to book your package and set your winters on fire with your family and pals, colleagues or classmates

Stay tuned to know more about customised packages. If you cannot resist your excitement, check ramojifilmcity.com for more information and bookings

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