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Ramoji Film City is a Paradise for Photographers

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Your dream to capture the ever best heavenly gifts hidden in Ramoji film City is just a click away. Carry your DSLR & walk into film city and your lenses would take you on a ride of sheer pleasure. If you urge to take the rare glimpse of heavenly pleasures, book your tickets in Sitara Luxury hotel or Tara star hotel. It refreshes the mind and provides a welcome change from dreary routine of daily life. You could freely move with feathery beauties to record their moves & sounds. Prettiest peacocks are always hidden in the valleys of film city early in the morning.peacock

@ Colours, A rose garden, you would certainly get fascinated to capture the tiniest grains of pollen & delicate structured petals of the flower. As you zoom in to click the best image, you get to see smaller inclusions that make your image sparkle. It’s a worthy spot even to spend a day with new & interesting self-made themes with different colors & backgrounds.shutterstock_368289761

As you prove your photography skills at Birds Park, You would be awe-stuck to see the Birds in their own lifestyle & activities. Right from, Macaws, Cockatoos, Pheasants, Lorries, Ostrich are highly attentive & turn alert the moment they see you with a camera. The best quality of our birds is that, they make sure to pose for a rewarding image the moment you target their moves, activities & record their sounds.shutterstock_254766847

Butterfly Park is also one of the Best tourists Attraction. Capture the liveliest winged beauties as they try to hide under the bush, over the trees or in the tiny waterfalls specially made for butterflies. You will be surprised to see the splendid black beauties as they fly around you.


What are you still waiting for? Walk in to capture the heavenly gifts hidden in Ramoji Film City.

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