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Often, people are heard seeking information about fun and entertainment options in Hyderabad with a different touch and out-of-the-box feel. They want a youthful experience to freak out with friends, to witness and explore new things, to be part of interactive entertainment and action, yet stay safe, feel secure, have good food and connectivity, and if needed, a decent stay.

For a visitor searching for tourist spots in Hyderabad, it is easier to list out monuments, lakes, parks, temples, and museums. But fun destinations are tricky to discover, as the most important task would be to identify relevant destinations. If you are planning an outing for children, then game zones and parks would do. If it is for teens and the young ones then thrill rides, adventures, and amusement activities need to be mapped. For elders, fun implies decent engagement with less physical strain, unraveling new things with less stress, may be a museum or boat ride in a placid lake.

Let us today list out a few happening fun destinations in Hyderabad that have carved a niche for themselves, have been winning hearts and staying alive round the calendar with their goodies

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is undoubtedly the most comprehensive fun and entertainment destination in Hyderabad as well as Telangana.  Spread over a massive green expanse with rolling hills and landscapes, Ramoji Film City has a broad list of incredible fun options to suit every age group and many expectations. Primarily themed on the magic of cinema, the top tourist destination of Hyderabad doubles as the world’s largest film studio complex. This intrinsically offers diverse fun and entertainment options, be it the -behind the-screen fun involved in making of movies, or live stunt and street shows. Besides, the Fundustan welcomes the kids to take the taste of thrill rides and interactive games. For those wanting to test their adrenaline rush, Sahas, the adventure park offers the finest scope of adventures where the heart skips it beat often with the thrill.

The fun at Ramoji Film City does not stop here. It extends to the ecological bounty through the bird and butterfly parks. Besides, there are carnival parades and shows to allure and entertain your senses all through the year

So, pick the phone or swipe on the screen to book your fun at the most enchanting fun and entertainment destination in Hyderabad


Science Museum and Birla Planetarium

Arguably the oldest destination where science delivers special end, the twin offerings have been a source of excitement and a place to nurture the scientific temper. Besides, grab the best seat and travel through the unexplored marvels of the universe. The museum and planetarium are located on a hill in the heart of the city adjoining the famed Birla Mandir. The science museum has interactive fun to tease the imagination of tourists, specially the kids

Nehru Zoological Park

The wild animals’ roar and frown, the birds chirp and sing, the reptiles crawl and insects creep, all creating an immeasurable scale of fun for people of all age groups. A day out at India’s one of the most comprehensive zoological parks will stay as a day of pure fun and excitement


Visit the mall that houses one of the biggest cinema screens in the world. Before you think it is just for the cinema, gaze through the arena to find some scintillating as well as scare-giving fun activities. Step into the horror house or the mirror house and simply feel lost in a different world of fun and action.  Don’t miss the video games zone

Eat Street and Jalvihar

As the cool breeze from the Hussain Sagar waves soothes you, the kids by then are ready to take a splash in the action either at Eat Street or Jalvihar. The games and rides, the food and the ambience are simply unmatched


For its sobriquet, the city of lakes, Hyderabad continues to own the legacy of throwing numerous water bodies open for fun and relaxation. Beginning with Hussain Sagar and leading to several lakes such as Langer Hauz, Saroornagar, Safilguda etc, there is ample scope for boating. The options include speed boating or diesel boats or launches or the family rides. Book them for parties and get-togethers too



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