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Monsoon Masti: A rainbow of holiday delights

Written by Ramoji Film City

Imagine making tea with firewood and sipping its flavors in open air, seeking rustic thrills in idyllic village setting, peeping into the world of fabulous film sets and luxuriating in the carpet of greenery – all in the enigmatic ambience of Ramoji Film City.

Ramoji Film City radiates its true colour, when monsoon gets foot in the door.  Here the charm of monsoon is multiplied with the exuberance of nature. Every raindrop turns into glistening joy as the mood becomes lush and luxuriant with new enthusiasm.

As the meadows of make-believe don a misty look; guests would experience playful holiday delights. Soak in cine magic and ceaseless fun and revelry. Feel the beauty of stunning landscapes underneath the blue sky, as the gliding of drops brings merry time.


Expose yourself to soothing experience of farming, appreciate the tune of quiet and get a taste of beautiful life. Find solace in the arms of new vibrancy; enjoy the fun time with birds from around the world, a tryst with hangdog butterflies and catching holiday fun to your heart’s content.

At Ramoji Film City, the mood for vacation swells with fascinating rides, stunt shows and games. The fantasy and enchantment as well as activities high on recreation become hard- to-resist.  Enjoy the backlot tour, eco tour, zumba, nature walk, aqua fitness and learn the craft of origami. As the evening dawns, immerse in holiday specials and join the DJ at the dance floor.


Unwind and kick your feet back to relax with Monsoon Masti. Monsoon Masti at Ramoji Film City starting from July 15 to September 15, come to experience day-long fun and engaging activities and take home memories to cherish.

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