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Live to watch the action live show at Ramoji Film City.

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The very sight of a favourite actor on screen is a pleasure and a sumptuous feast for eyes. The song and the dance, style and the grace, emotions and dialogues, all for ages, have made matinee stars our idols. Behind the screen, the moviemaking is, of course, an enigma and an undercover operation even today for millions who do not have a clue of what goes behind the screen and in front of the camera that leads to the final treat on the cinema screen


At Ramoji Film City the window opens to the basic nuances of filmmaking where we get a feel of acoustics, hang of the shooting floors and those specially created effects such as an earthquake that rocks the world and how it has been created on the screen. A walk through Ramoji Film City was a sublime experience for a starter. It can be the best demo for an aspirant filmmaker to understand how sounds are produced and how effects begin to manifest. The tastefully designed attractions surely look international and we get the perfect chance to be part of the moviemaking for a minute or two. Uhhh! Isn’t it exciting? But then, Ramoji Film City is full of filmmaking experiences that range from these behind-the-screen effects to the make-believe settings where your most admired star danced and fought, talked and walked.


While a lot is in store to be narrated, let us actually travel to a unique live offering that has made Ramoji Film City truly global in its goodies. The live stunt show is stunning and mind-blowing! Set up in an auditorium style and teasing us to unfold as a high action element, the stunt show gives the perfect experience of real-life fights and “dishum dishum”. Watch out the men jumping and hopping to attack, launching a flurry of punches, while ducking and chucking acrobatically. One has to be there to feel the fun in Ramoji Film City stunt show. For a period of 45 minutes, it is gripping as it you were watching a film onscreen.stunt-shows-making

The narration needs to be capped, friends! Because there are a zillion such fares at Ramoji Film City to unveil the magic of cinema. Not all can be explained effectively in words. So get punched off and stay on the edge of the seats to shout in awe and wow. Welcome to Ramoji Film City!

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