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Kids’ attractions in Ramoji Film City

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Have you thought about how your kids are feeling spending all their time at home? For so long they are off their school, their friends and their whole cheerful self seems to be locked behind the four walls of the home.

Your kids deserve a break and a safe one that gives them back the enthusiasm. You too deserve a break from the monotony. Gift yourself a refreshing retreat at Ramoji Film City. Your kids will have a gala time engaging in different fun activities specially designed to amaze young minds.

Let’s find out some of the significant locations of Ramoji Film City that will attract all lovely kids.



Dadajinn’s Ark

Situated in Fundustan of Ramoji Film City this place will give an overdose of entertainment with a dash of fun and craziness. That’s Dadajinn’s Ark for you. Unleash the magic of the place. Let your kids immerse themselves in their favourite video games and many other fun activities. A complete zone dedicated to kids enjoying their time to the fullest.



This is another very interesting spot at Fundustan. This is a tunnel full of surprises. Right from the first step, your kids will get something new at every corner. Stay close to them when they are inside Borasura. The tunnel is dark and they might need you to be there to enjoy the thrill completely. The illusion, the maze, and the magic mirrors all will take you through a journey of wonders.



Filmi Duniya

This is another very interesting journey that will make your kids happy. As you take the turns in the moving car inside Filmi Duniya you will be showered with wonders of the fairytale-like world of movies. A complete dreamy land gives you an overview of the filmy world. The fantasy world comprises forests, snow-covered mountains, international skyscapes and many more.


Thrill Rides

Fundustan is all about fun and games. This is where you get a chance to experience different rides. There are different interesting rides for different age groups. If your child wants the taste of adventure, the twister will be a great fun choice. All the rides are checked after every round to ensure the utmost safety of the children. We also sanitise the ride seats after every use to make sure kids can enjoy safely ensuring complete hygiene.

birds park at ramoji film city


Bird Park

Ramoji Film City is not just offering fun rides and a lot of games for children. Your kids here will get the chance to get introduced to exotic birds. Spend time in Wings- the Bird Park of Ramoji Film City. Tell your kids about these birds from different countries. Show them the rich fauna that glorifies the beauty of nature. Their colourful features and playful nature will make your kids spent an insightful yet fun time at Ramoji Film City.

Bungee Ejection  

Not just kids, you can also feel the adrenaline rush. You can go to the adventure zone of Sahas to enjoy the thrill. For kids, there is a special setup made in Fundustan. Before you or your kid begins the experience, a safety harness will be put on to ensure complete safety. The elastic rope is released to pull you off the ground and shoot you up into the air. The elastic ropes of the setup are checked and tested on daily basis. The weight and age criteria should be a match the prerequisite.

Light Action Camera Show

The laser show at Ramoji Movie Magic Park is a treat for the eyes. Take a seat and sit tight to enjoy a show that’s a perfect mix of entertainment and excitement. Check for the show timings and enjoy the complete show. The laser light show is performed in dark and the laser light on neon highlights the entire show.


Rain Dance

Let your kids soak in fun after a full long day of play and run. Go for the Rain Dance. Rocking music sets the mood of the party with sizzling pours aligned smartly to let you enjoy as you dance away your worries. After a long day of strolling in the park and running with kids on a summer day, this rain dance is not just fun and soothing to the soul. An added reminder for you-take a pair of extra clothes that you can change after the rain dance.

Ramoji Film City is a complete experience of sweet memories that you will take home. Come here with your family and spend a day filled with excitement and fun. We promise you a day that’s completely different from your regular routine as here a dreamland is waiting for you.




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