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Kareena and I stayed in the same room!

Written by Rhea Gonsalves


As a person, I have always had an affinity towards finer things in life. This trait of mine is even more evident when I book a hotel during my travel. Before having me as the guest, the receptionist at the hotel has to face a series of questions.

But when I went to Ramoji Film City, I was left zapped. The grandiose at Hotel Sitara left me speechless.


It is not every day that you feel like a movie star. I was also told that before me, it was Kareena Kapoor who had stayed in the room I had checked in. Here is the story of pampering, delightful food and rich décor.
Here are 5 reasons to stop whatever you’re doing and start packing:

1. Good life’s a habit
At Sitara, the good life is not a lifestyle, it’s a habit. From rich wood paneled flooring to elegant chandeliers and delicate lighting, every nook and corner of this hotel oozes grandeur. Just walking through the hotel made me feel regal.


2. Feasts fit for a king
A few things that haunt me are the things I didn’t try at Galaxy, a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Barbeque & Bar at Sitara. If time was on my side, I would sample everything on their menu. My top recommendation has to be the Chocolate Gateau.


3. Get pampered like there’s no tomorrow


The highlight of my trip was day I slipped into Zen mode. From soothing massages to special therapies, Sitara’s in-house spa has everything you need to feel like royalty.


4. Way beyond amenities
Hotel Sitara takes amenities to the next level. There’s nothing you can’t do here. I tried my hand at a game of tennis

Followed by a round of Billiards,

5. Where stars are your neighbours
Ramoji Film City is home to Bollywood and Tollywood stars. With numerous films shot here every year, the chances of bumping into stars is extremely high. Though it did not happen the first time there, I plan to try my luck soon again!

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