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In awe of an incredible ambience called Ramoji Film City

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It is seemingly a lavish expanse of a wonderland spread endlessly over rolling hills and sloping meadows, scintillating natural settings and magnificent manmade facades. Crisscrossing these beautiful vistas is the human activity where classic filmi action is set in incredible stunts, exciting dances and emotional melodrama sparks, all superbly created on and inside the sets. Watch the modern sculptors and maverick artists caught in frantic action while seasoned technicians are seen running to tame time and energies.

As an ardent admirer of the matinee world as well as being a person with an unquenched thirst to relish pristine nature, Ramoji Film City comes as a majestic fairy tale and a fabulous escapade.

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World over, there are studios galore and amusement parks omnipresent, gardens and fountains are most common and film shootings can be spotted even in the middle of a crowded street, be it Manhattan or Mumbai, Alps or Ooty.

So, what makes Ramoji Film City distinguishing and ethereal? It is the distinct and unique ambience that blends the goodies of an exciting adventure, appealing nature and a bag full of cinema action. This is rare and not seen at many places on the earth. Here is an atmosphere, absolutely complex to explain, yet not complicated to experience. Inside the Film City, it is an extraordinary feeling that can only be seen to be believed. Else, how can one explain the period setting of Hawa Mahal juxtaposed with the Mughal Garden, while at a stone’s throw away distance you find the haunted palace of Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi facing the lively thrill rides and live shows.

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If these are still not rare enough, then you might stroll down a hundred feet along the media high street where the region’s most celebrated newspaper office and the nation’s famed television network operations along with the brand-new digital news hubs operate at the peak of the activity. How many are blessed enough to seek this sight?

Look up after a pause, and the tall hillocks and slopes make it a visual feast. Your trajectory is again may be interspersed by a shooting in the middle of the road or a trolley or a crane overtaking you on its way. Stay calm and now you will hear hundreds of birds chirping from the nearby bird park. You are now lost in the valley of wonders.

The silver screen stars are indeed on a song, but as the night creeps closer and the stars in the sky begin to twinkle, the mood may take a festive turn with a carnival parade rocking your sight, lights drenching you and fireworks swaying your spirits. Yes, at Ramoji Film City, carnivals and revelries are most spectacular offerings and you may be lucky enough to grab this golden glance. Don’t be shocked when a marriage baraat breaks your visualization and crosses your path. It may be a theme wedding and the revelers are not cinema stars.

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For more than two decades, millions visited Ramoji Film City, and thousands still arrive daily. When asked what the most fabulous attraction, their answers vary as per their tastes and preferences. But, the discerning traveller inside every person always has one conclusion. Yes, for a tireless traveler with endless imaginations, Ramoji Film City is all about the most enigmatic ambience that packages varied attractions and tops it up with a filmi action, positioning it on a prized pedestal

Welcome to the world’s largest film city! The surprises never end.

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