I gained weight, courtesy Ramoji Film City

Written by Rhea Gonsalves

During my stay at Ramoji Film City, I didn’t just eat breakfast like a king, I ate lunch, supper, brunch, dinner and everything in between like an emperor!

Let me talk about seven dishes I just can’t get over even months after my trip:-

1. When in Hyderabad, try the traditional biryani. The blend of aromatic spices and tender meat creating a symphony in my mouth!

2. The pride of film city Litchi Rasmalai took care of my sweet tooth and just serenaded my senses! It was the perfect thing after the biryani.

3. The next day was the day of Kubani Ka Meetha. Goodbye diet, hello happiness!

4. And there is so much of chicken. There’s Spicy Chicken and then there’s Dhabha Chicken. I have always had a passion for spicy food, and this dish really hit the spot for me.

5. Avaikai Pickle
I like things a little khatta and a little meetha much like this versatile pickle

6. On some days, I was not in the mood for something fancy, just something chatpatta! The chaat is truly scrumptious

7. I washed it all down with the famous mango smoothie!

And there you have it, a foodie’s guide to feasting at Ramoji Film City and also seven ways to gain weight.

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