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Fascinating Weekend DJ Party at Ramoji Film City

dj event at ramoji film city
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From friends to families,  cousins to couples and kids to grown-ups….. can you find one person who says no to a DJ night on a weekend?

Exactly!  We present you  Ramoji weekend DJ Delight, a combination of  Dj Divas, Dj Dons & a pinch of moonlight.

dj night hyderabad at ramoji film city

Wait! Have you ever been to an open air DJ?  If yes, then it is not necessary to explain how refreshing you feel breathing fresh air while dancing to fresh beats. some say headphones are enough but a true music junkie would strive to get on to a DJ floor and ours is must try.

dj event at ramoji film city

Come join our weekend DJ nights on 17th and 18th of this November from 4 pm onwards. Our floor is a place where you cannot see a dance lover standing still with the best of DJs available! 

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