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Enjoy the Weekend Fun with Families & Friends at Ramoji Film City!

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Get your bags packed for the weekend outing with your families and friends. You have lots to explore at The World’s Largest Ramoji Film City! The moment you step into Ramoji Film City, capture great moments, spectacular attractions, Exotic Birds Park, Aesthetically Designed Butterfly Park, Movie Magic, Shooting Locales & many more!

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To ease your tour, here is the list of Must Visit Wonders of Ramoji Film City!

  • Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Live Film Studio to explore Tollywood & Bollywood most famous back-lot in the world’s largest Film City. You will be certainly spellbound with thematic gardens, fountains, life-size film sets, Kid’s wonder zone & many more awe-stuck locations!

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  • Live Film Sets

Explore the most fascinating film sets of Airport, Railway Station, Jail Set, High court, Villas, Tajmahal, Villas, Princess Street of London, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower & many more alluring attractions, where you can relive the scenes of your favourite movies been shot in cinematic locales & sets!

  • Eco Tour

Discover the most unique & rare species of birds ranging from mandarins to toucans to macaws to parakeets to pheasants & many more, reigning at Wings, Birds Park. Extending the unique pleasure of being with nature, explore hundreds of most fascinating butterfly species inspired for all ages from nature @ aesthetically designed Butterfly Park. You will be spellbound with thematic gardens, Bonsai Garden, Colors Garden & many more tempting the lens of nature lovers!

birds park at ramoji film city

  • Movie Magic

Experience the creation of magical illusions for the greater visual impact in the real movie sets specially crafted for the splendid blockbuster movies. You will be amazed to experience Space Yatra, wherein the tremors shake you up giving you the greater feel of simulation of free fall, which is never to miss! You could also know techniques used in movie making in Lights, Camera, Action Show! Movie Magic is absolutely an amazing experience for movie lovers!

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  • A world of fun awaits you @ Fundustan!

Walk in with your kids at Ramojis Fundustan and you all walk out feeling younger than them. Fundustan has a lot in store for young & old alike! From Dadajinn’s Live TV Show to Borasura Scary Zone to Videogames in Dadajinn’s Ark & many more!

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  • Eureka

Eureka is the main Ramoji Film City Tour starts with the spectacular Opening Ceremony along with the most enthralling rides! Experience superstar extravaganza by availing Ramoji Star Experience Package.

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  • Asia Finest Adventure Land – Sahas

Sahas Adventure Park has everything you need to do for an adrenaline rush! Grab out daredevil inside you with adventurous experience from Mountain Biking to Netcourse, High Rope Courses to zip-lining, Body Zorb Fight to Zorbing, ATV rides to Bunjee Ejection & many more!

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  • Ramoji Film City by Night

Witnessing the beauty of Illuminated Film City is beyond words! To have a feel of it, you have to visit & experience it for yourself.

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