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Everything You Should Know about the Eco Tour at Ramoji Film City

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Touted as one of the best and most-visited tourist attractions in Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City is every movie lover’s paradise. While planning a visit to this expansive studio complex, most people focus entirely on its cine-magic attractions. However, did you know that the film city also houses many ecological attractions that take you one step closer to nature? Yes, we are talking about the Eco Zone located within Ramoji Film City. This specially designed zone houses four unique attractions – a bird park, a butterfly park, a bonsai garden, and a string of terrace gardens. We offer an exclusive tour, namely the Eco Tour, that takes you through these attractions.

Want to learn more about each of these attractions in detail?  Here’s everything you should know about our Eco Tour that takes you on an astounding journey through the wonderous and colorful creations of nature.

  • Wings, the Exotic Bird Park

One of the major highlights of our Eco Tour is Wings, the exotic birds park at Ramoji Film City. True to the name, it houses an amazing range of winged wonders from across the world and is counted among the largest aviaries in the continent. The whole park is beautifully designed and features a green landscape complete with plants, shrubs, slices of rocks, and waterfalls. Some of the most popular inhabitants at the bird park include Macaws, Parakeets, Chilean Flamingo, Toucans, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Lorikeets, Pheasants, Parrots, Great Blue Turaco, Chattering Lory, and Manchurian Crane, to name a few.

That’s not all! The park is partitioned into different zones, each housing a different species or type of avifauna. In addition to the Free Zone, there are special zones for ostriches, caged birds, and water birds. Wings, all in all, is an ideal place for your kids and adults to experience the beauty and diversity of nature’s creations. No wonder, it tops the list of bird parks in Hyderabad as well as in the whole country.

Interested to know more about this exotic aviary and the national and international occupants that call it a home? Check out our blog on Wings Birds Park here.


  • Butterfly Park

It is often said that there is no other artist greater than Mother Nature and butterflies are a fine example of nature’s incredible artistry. These small yet beautiful insects have the power to refresh the eyes and minds of everyone who looks at them. How about spending some time with these little flying beauties? Your next stop on the Eco Tour is the butterfly park at Ramoji Film City – one of the best places in Hyderabad to get a glimpse of various types of butterflies in an exciting range of colors.

Spread over an area of 7,200 square feet, the butterfly enclosure at Ramoji Film City houses many exotic species in a naturalist setting. The park is full of plants, shrubs, and greenery, which help create a welcoming and comfortable habitat for butterflies. If you are looking for an experience that is both entertaining and educational, you must not miss out on visiting Ramoji butterfly park.

Watch these dazzling beauties fly around the park with their flapping wings. Let them land gently on your hands and shoulders. Marvel at their awe-inspiring beauty. Most importantly, don’t forget to capture all these wonderful moments and turn them into Insta-worthy pictures!

ramoji film city butterfly park

  • Vaman – The Bonsai Garden

Tracing its origins back to China and Japan, bonsai is one of the most creative, spectacular and extraordinary cultivation techniques humans have ever invented. Using this technique, ordinary trees can be grown in small pots and containers. In other words, bonsai creates miniature trees that mimic the scale and appearance of full-size trees. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, you can now explore a fascinating array of such minuscule trees at Vaman, the bonsai garden located within Ramoji Film City. If you are familiar with Indian mythology, you know where the name Vaman comes from, don’t you?


The bonsai garden at the film city complex is a delightful visual treat, to say the least. Hundreds of species of miniature trees are displayed here, some of which even have berry-like fruits hanging from their tiny branches. The bonsai collection at Ramoji also includes decorative and flowering trees in addition to fruit bearing varieties. Each of these trees is grown and maintained under the guidance of professionally qualified bonsai experts from all over the world.

Take a stroll through this miniature world of vegetation and learn a thing or two about the art of bonsai gardening. Learn more about our bonsai garden here.


  • Colors – The Terrace Gardens

Your last stop on the Eco Tour at Ramoji Film City is Colors. Any guesses what it is? Colors is a string of terrace gardens housed within the studio complex. Spread over an area of 15,000 square feet, the garden makes for a gorgeous visual treat. If you are looking for a slice of beautiful and bountiful nature, make sure to visit the garden and spend some cheerful moments here.

The garden is home to several plants, both seasonal and perennial, which are grown and preserved with supreme care. If you are a nature lover or photography enthusiast, you will absolutely love visiting this garden which is nothing short of a pleasant and charming tribute to Mother Nature.


Shopping at the Eco Zone

The Eco Tour at Ramoji Film City allows you to experience nature’s wonderous creations in close quarters. What’s more, you can also indulge in a little bit of shopping during the tour. Wings, the bird park at the film city has a shopping zone where you can shop for an interesting range of bird-themed memorabilia and souvenirs. So, go ahead and pamper the shopaholic in you and carry home some memories in the form of beautiful souvenirs and knick-knacks.


How to Visit the Eco Zone at Ramoji Film City?

Now that you know everything about the Eco Zone at Ramoji, how to go about exploring it? The Eco Tour, which comprises all these four attractions, is part of the day tour packages we offer, such as Ramoji Day Tour and Ramoji Star Experience. If you are planning a visit to Ramoji this summer, you can also choose from our summer special packages like Summer Carnival Day Tour and Summer Carnival Star Experience.



Make sure to go through the package details and choose one that includes the Eco Tour. You can check out the details and book your tickets here.  So, are you ready for a cheerful rendezvous with birds, butterflies, and bonsais?

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