The best place in Hyderabad for a destination wedding

The best place to plan a destination wedding
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The best place to plan a destination wedding

Wedding without a doubt is an experience that is crafted with feelings. For such a one-of-a-kind experience, you need to go that extra mile and beat the drums a bit louder to make it special and memorable.

Couples dream of their wedding day in beautiful locations. Some prefer a royal setting while some love to tie their knots in an open-air wedding venue with decadently decorated drapes and flowers.

But, sometimes the excitement of the day makes it all blurry, and you are unable to focus and ideate how exactly you wish your dream wedding destination to be.Wedding theme at Ramoji Film City

Destination Wedding in Hyderabad

If you are in Hyderabad, and you are being in this dreamy zone, where you are yet to decide which will be the perfect location for you, then we can help you.

Rather we will say, you need not decide on a single location. You can have your pre-wedding photoshoot planned in filmy style. Maybe you can plan the Haldi over a poolside and let the walk baraat dance through the posh streets, and end up the wedding in a palace, like a Maharaja and Maharani.

Hold the thought if you feel you need to travel crazy to make the plan work. We say you can have it all in a single place. We recommend you Ramoji Film City.

Ramoji Film City Wedding

Why choose Ramoji Film City for your destination wedding? 

Let’s all face the fact that weddings are a busy affair. With lots to do, and the need to be all perfect, you need a place where you get a complete wedding package.

To explain better, let’s discuss some of the important areas of a wedding.

  • Guests
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Décor
  • Lights
  • Transport

These are the broad sections of work, never to forget that there are other endless things.

Here in Ramoji Film City, you get it all planned for you. With around 300 locations, this place has everything that is needed to create a grand wedding. You can also customize to create a new theme that is exclusively crafted for your wedding. Plan the entire thing with the professional wedding planners of Ramoji, and you will know how your dream wedding turns into a beautiful reality.

Advantages of planning a destination wedding 

These days more people are opting for a destination wedding not only because they have a wish for a lavish wedding. There are other interesting reasons involved which you might wish to know.

  • Both families celebrate together

Happiness is all about sharing, and what’s better than sharing it with the families that are going to tie in a new bond. Rather than two houses spending and arranging separately, it’s better if you do it together and share the wonderful moments of happiness.

  • Social distancing

Post pandemic, social distancing has become the most important thing. Even with a lesser amount of guests, it becomes difficult to enjoy if you choose a smaller location. A place like Ramoji Film City that is spread across a vast area allows you to maintain social distancing while having a gala time at the wedding.

  • Less stressful

There is actually a lot less stress. In a destination wedding, all the arrangements are much more planned and organized. There are no last-minute delays due to traffic. A destination wedding at Ramoji Film City is planned like a perfect dream wedding. A team is dedicated to each department to ensure all the planning is executed hassle-free.

  • Complete guest presence

During the pandemic, weddings are mostly a close affair with a limited number of guests. When you are planning a destination weddingall your guests have a better chance to get involved in the functions. They do not need to take the hassle of traveling. They have the leisure to relax and enjoy the ceremonies.

  • You will get quality time with friends

When a wedding is planned by a professional wedding planner in a destination wedding, the part that is left for you to do is engage in creating beautiful moments. The customary functions of an Indian Wedding give you ample opportunity to have fun and enjoy with your loved ones. Spend your moments with friends and get the best clicks.

If you are planning your wedding at Ramoji Film Citythere are ample locations where you can plan a photoshoot exclusively with your BFF gang.

Some of the exotic locations of Ramoji Film City that can be considered for a perfect wedding photoshoot are:

  • Hawa Mahal
  • Princess Street
  • Sanctuary Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Mughal Garden

Few famous themes of Ramoji Film City 

Ramoji Film City has crafted wonders for weddings. The wonders of regular customary functions have been elaborated grandly with some of the exotic themes of Ramoji Film City.

Wedding theme of Ramoji Film City

  • The Hero Heroine Bollywood Night

Those extravagant wedding shown in Bollywood is something that we all envied and wished secretly for ourselves. The drama, glitz, music, dance can be the perfect fit for your Sangeet Event.

  • The Maharaja Maharani Periodic Set  

Just tell the experts how you want it. You wish to be the Maharaja Maharani or Shehzaada Mallika, the best wedding planners in Ramoji Film City, will set the stage for a perfect royal setting. The royal theme is one of the most famous destination wedding themes worldwide when it comes to Indian wedding rituals.

  • Chandragupta And Chandramukhi

The iconic history of the ancient era takes you back to the golden days of periodic drama. The wedding rituals in such a beautiful theme will simply be an unforgettable affair. The Chandragupta and Chandramukhi theme in Ramoji Film City will beautifully recreate the magical era of glorious history.

  • Village Theme

Simplicity has its own beauty. The classic yet ravishing charms of rural India is just the perfect theme if you wish to have fun with the theme. It will be something that will be etched eternally and your guests will have a different feeling altogether by enjoying all modern facilities within a rustic setting.Village theme at Ramoji Film City

  • State-wise theme 

Can anything go wrong when you stay connected to your roots? Definitely not! Though many are fond of a grand wedding, there are still some who feel the wedding should be all about the traditions that have always been there in a specific culture. You always do not need to go gaga with décor. A simple décor telling about your home, your cultural strengths can make the wedding special. Feel home with a décor that defines you and your state.

Themes of Ramoji Film City

These are just a few; a lot more is there when you start exploring and imagining.

Next coming to the hospitality offered by Ramoji Film City.

Hospitality of Hotels at Ramoji 

The accommodation of guests will be near the premises of the wedding. Dolphin Hotels of Ramoji Film City hosts your wedding guests just like a family. The hotels available in Ramoji Film City are Sitara, Tara, Shantiniketan, Vasundhara Villa, and Sahara. There is also a location very close to the campus known as Greens Inn.

Sitara Hotel at Ramoji Film City

From luxury to economic and budget hotels- Ramoji Film City has made hospitality a viable option for all. The event management team ensures that the location, wedding theme, decor, hospitality of guests, wedding menu, etc. is prim and proper.

Ramoji Film City is one of the best destination wedding venues in Hyderabad. The type of wedding, the theme, the décor, food, etc. are all your choices. But what matters in a big fat Indian wedding is the grandeur and pomp.

You might get a lot of wedding destinations in Hyderabad, but you will hardly find a place that can cater to all your needs. The available option of themes, stay options, food options, and such a huge area to spend the wedding, you won’t get anywhere else other than Ramoji Film City.

Sitara Room in Ramoji Film City

Professional tips to plan a destination wedding

Research the options you have for a destination wedding in Hyderabad. You can book your own vendors and get them transported to the location. But again, that brings the entire responsibility on your shoulders. Many well-recognized wedding destinations in Hyderabad arrange end-to-end wedding services to craft your dream wedding.

Plan when you have time. All great things happen when you give time to it. Plan out everything and keep a room open for minor changes. If everything is planned at the last moment, you might end up being messy. This is the reason why you need a planner. A wedding planner is experienced in handling things, so it’s always advisable to let the experts do what they do best.

Budgeting is another major factor. Many people have the idea that destination weddings are meant to be very expensive and cannot be afforded by all. This is again a myth. The solution is to talk to wedding planners. Share the budget and the ideas you have. Discuss and ask if that is possible or how much is possible. Everything is customizable, and therefore with the right planning, even the grandest wedding will not burn a hole in the pocket.

When you book a location at Ramoji Film City, everything you get at a single place. The film city is equipped with professional artists for functions, makeup artists, photography professionals, and the best experts from the hospitality industry. The event planners can also arrange the transportation to and fro Ramoji Film City as per request.

So, here’s a line to draw about wedding planning. To end it on the best note, all we will suggest is enjoy your moment. The day that is so special to you needs to be celebrated unforgettably. Experts can help you. All you need to do is give them the opportunity to make you feel special and craft a day that will be the beginning of a beautiful tomorrow.

Happy Wedding…

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