COVID-19 Safety Measures Taken By Ramoji Film City

After being cooped up at home for months, everyone’s itching to get out and if you’re in Hyderabad, there’s no place better than Ramoji Film City. Spread over 1,666 acres, you can’t cover all of Ramoji Film City in a single day- you need the whole weekend. With the park and its hotels reopening to the public, you can rest assured that more than adequate arrangements have been made to ensure every guest’s safety.

Meticulous Sanitation And Disinfection

All surfaces that could come in contact frequently with guests is being sanitized at regular interval.  This includes all surfaces ranging from counters, chairs and tabletops especially those in the restaurants to doorknobs and switches. All cutlery, crockery and glassware sued for restaurant services are sanitized before and after use.

The team uses approved disinfectant solutions to ensure that while the surfaces are kept clean, they are also safe for guests and do not trigger any adverse skin reactions.

When it comes to the hotels in Ramoji Film City, every room is sanitized before a guest checks in. the cars are also being sanitized before and after each pick-up. All luggage is also sanitized in a special sanitation room. In this way, the hotel staff and guests are protected from all harmful germs.


Strategically Placed Sanitation Stations

In addition to sanitizing high-contact surfaces, guests too must regularly sanitize their hands. Guests are encouraged to carry a hand sanitizer with them but if they don’t have one accessible, the park has installed a number of sanitation stations. Sanitizer sprays can be used to sanitize hands at any point in time. At various spots, these sanitation stations are also accompanied by a thermal temperature check.

For example, before guests enter any of the restaurants, they must sanitize their hands and get their body temperature noted. Any guest showing signs of a fever or COVID-19 symptoms may be redirected to getting medical aid.

Physical Distancing Markers

The COVID-19 virus is believed to be unable to travel by air. Hence, the WHO recommends maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between any two people. To ensure this, Ramoji Film City has placed markers in areas where people are likely to crowd. For example, markers have been placed in the entertainment zones. By giving people a spot to stand on, there’s a lower chance of crowding and transmission.

Strict Adherence to Mask Protocol

The best way to minimize the transmission of the disease-causing germs is by ensuring that all people in a space keep their nose and mouth covered at all times. This includes children. Everyone working in the Ramoji Film City as well as all guests entering the park must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times.

Entry may be denied to guests who are not wearing a mask. Those who ‘forget’ to wear their mask may get a disposable mask or buy one from the Ramoji store. Masks have been placed in every room of the Ramoji Hotels.

Limited Contact Between People

The theme park is also taking all possible measures to minimize contact between guests and employees. It starts from the time a car pick-up guests. Guests are encouraged to open car doors and manage luggage for themselves.

Guests traveling by themselves should sit diagonally behind the driver. All the hotels will follow contact-less check-in procedures. Guests are requested to send their identity proof documents by email rather than hand them over to the reception staff. Along the same lines, at check-out, guests are emailed their invoices. Cash acceptance has been limited and all guests are encouraged to clear their payment by online payments.

Other Measures

In addition to these measures, Ramoji Film City has also suspended certain services such as the gym, pool, spa, valet service, butler service and newspaper delivery. Buffets are not operational at the restaurants and guests will only be permitted to order ala carte meals.

When it comes to in-room delivery, orders will be delivered only to the door. Guests can take the tray in themselves and when they have eaten, they can leave the tray on the outside. All sheets, towel and other linen is changed once in two days and cake soaps have been replaced by liquid soaps.

Planning A Trip To Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is less than 30km from the heart of the Hyderabad city and is very easily accessible through various modes of transport. The film city provides to and fro transportation facility to the visitors as well. The complete list of the Ramoji Film City  bus routes can  be found here. There’s plenty to do here – a tour of the film sets and the gardens, an eco-zone with a butterfly park and one of Asia’s largest aviaries, the Filmy Duniya, the Sahas Adventure Park and lots more. To have the most fun, book yourself a stay at any of the hotels in Ramoji Film City. It’s the perfect weekend getaway destination.

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