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Colors On Their Wings, Songs On Their Beaks!

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At Wings,

The Birds Park!


birds park


Hug Me, Wings wide open!!!!!


Wings a royal dynasty of exotic birds amidst the enthralling landscape will make you feel the nature’s beauty. Birds Park @ Ramoji Film City has almost all species to impress Avian Lovers along with lots of fun filled entertainment by the charming feathered residents. The idea of a permanent bird exhibit may just be amazing for the owners, but it’s highly surprising to see the special ambience for each variety of bird based on their nature, culture & lifestyle. For your special enclosure with some of the prettiest and rarest feathered friends, step into birds park. Apart from native avian habitants, some of the birds you come across are from South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Solomon Island, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, China, Denmark and England. 


Birds Park is very well organized with the eco friendly ambience. Birds walk along with you and they do respond to human talks. Winged beauties are such a sweetest creature that hover over avian lovers and welcome every avian lover personally with all their overwhelming love and affection. They are very friendly, talkative, curious, and playful & they are great professionals of mimicry.  They are always ready with unique poses to get captured in the lens of avian lovers. Greet and meet them at their venue only @ Ramoji Film City.


Buzz the holidays and meet most incredible Inhabitants of Winged Beauties from all over the Globe Only @ Ramoji Film City



Charming enclosure of Aquatic Winged Beauties.

Black Necked Swan

Birds park images

A charismatic inhabitant of wetlands in southern South America has migrated to stay over forever in Birds Park @ Ramoji Film City. The black-necked swan is the largest amongst the   water birds. While most swans are known for their loud calls, the black-necked swan has a soft, musical whistling note that is repeated often, especially during flight.

Black Swan

Black Swan

Walk around the tranquil swan lake and admire the beauty of these graceful water birds. Stop over with admiration and watch the real black beauty originating from South East and South West regions of Australia. Record the Black Swan’s typical trumpet which is Sharp and fairly melodious while flying or swimming.

Mute Swan

Mute Swan

There is no need to plan for Denmark tour for the pleasure glimpse of Moon colored Beauty as its sailing through the waters of Birds Park in RFC! Meet the exotic Mute Swan which is elegant bird of Russian ballets and European fairy tales and the National Bird of Denmark. Mute Swans aren’t mute! They have varied unique sounds depending on the necessity or the nature of happening. They do produce a hoarse, muffled trumpet and makes a bugle call during territorial defense. Mute Swans also make an explosive snorting or hissing when threatened or disturbed. Wow! What a perfect match to join the troupe of Sea Marshals?

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan

Dating back to the originality of North America, Trumpeter Swan was attracted to the natural serenity of it’s native plants, natural water fall amidst the huge rocks and ingrown flora and finally dived in the whirlpool of birds park. Trumpeter swan was once used to be worshipped as the god in ancient Egypt to preserve the country from plague and serpents. Trumpeter Swans sound’s special as they produce the sound as Oh-Oh!!!!! Yes, I was frozen at their merry greets of oh-oh!

Tundra Swan

Tundra Swan

The snowy white tundra swan is the native of Arctic and migrates many miles to winter on North America’s Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, bays & lakes. It’s no wonder that its here in Birds Park as the perfect ambience is made for its comfortable stay! Its free to fly to any height or distance! Tundra Swan is renowned as a great whistler, as its wings produce whistling sound during its flight!

Mandarin Duck


Imagine the enlivening moment of meeting the most elegantly gorgeous and colorful Mandarin duck who hide their beauty in dark wooded areas, along streams of North America and Northern California.  Mandarin Ducks are relatives of another beautiful duck, the Wood Duck. The male has a nasal whistling, a bark, and a grunting sound. The female has a soft call! Just imagine my delight in finding both the Mandarin & Wood Ducks in the same place!

Keep an eye for your next enclosure with the airy view of cutest smart buddies!!


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