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The parade of explosive celebrations

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The dazzling winter festival is in full swing at the world’s largest film city. While the ultimate revelry grips the entire arena with golden lights and glorious activities, one thing that cannot be missed is the unique Carnival Parade. It is the most fantastic moment where masti takes the street route and exhibits explosive celebrations.ramoji-film-city-packages

As the evening lights drench the film city and the chill in the breeze touches us gently, the music beats take off. Along with them begins the Carnival Parade, the biggest attraction of the Winter Festival,

Watch the thematic carnival floats in beautiful colors cruise past your ecstasy. This is followed by the entry of performers draped and dressed in most colorful costumes. It’s time for enigmatic dances and energetic movements full of joy. Meanwhile, beloved jesters and clowns play to the gallery emanating some sublime comical endeavours. Irrespective of the age, the audience is treated to fabulous feast of entertainment. While relishing these moments, do not miss the glorious reflection of lights that enrich the look and feel of the landscapes all along the carnival path.

It’s now the turn of street performers to enact a wide variety of moments only to be complemented by jugglers and stilt walkers hitting the dream venues. As the locales shine in the true festive spirit, the Carnival Parade accentuates the mood and casts the most memorable magic on hearts.ramoji-film-city-new-year-party

Hurry up, the buildup to New Year is already underway and the most flamboyant farewell to the current year and the phenomenal welcome to the New Year is just witnessing its countdown.

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