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I feel frozen in the ice crystals of this winter solstice. Isn’t it an amazing way to feel cozy under the wings of Macaw! Macaws are not only birds belonging to parrot species. They are the real winter jackets for us too! Lets meet these unique feathered friends.


Macaw’s loud calls, squawks, and screams echo the canopy of Ramoji Film City .Macaws are intelligent and social birds with vibrant plumage. Macaws vocalize to communicate within the flock, mark territory, and identify one another. Some species can even mimic human speech!

Military Macaw

Military Macaw

Military macaws are very much friendly, curious & pleasant birds. They love to interact and play with featherless human flocks!  Just like babies they love to be handfed. The moment you just say “HI” to welcome the Southern American bird, he definitely greets you with his wide opened huge bright green plumage, with the mixture of vibrant red head feathers. Come on! What are you still waiting for? Grab the chance of feeling cozy under Macaws Wings!

Green Winged Macaw


The Southern Central American Green Winged macaws are fast learners. They appear as most dominating as they are the best commentators and keen observers too. They love to crunch hardest nuts & trunks.

Scarlet Macaw


Scarlet Macaw is National Bird of Central American Country. It has super impressive intelligence spiced up with spontaneous thinking capability & Leadership Qualities.  His unique talent Vocalization trances everybody, as he could make very high, loud and also low pitched squawks.


                                  Shake your hands with the Multi-Talented Cockatoos!


If you are planning for an Acrobatic Session during weekend, Birds Park @ RFC is the perfect destination. Meet our Master Cockatoo for one on one basis session to learn Acrobats! No wonder! They are the natural Acrobatic birds. If you have a plan for debate competition, do not confess for a failure with Cockatoos as they have high level of brilliance. They are the natives of tropical rainforest on the Islands of Indonesia.Come on! Let’s walk through the enclosure of Velcro Birds! Cockatoos are called as Velcro Birds because they like to cuddle with people, especially with tiny tots!

Moluccan Cockatoo


Errand with the Indonesian rosy pink, Moluccan cockatoo who is the most lovable bird of all avian lovers due to its dazzling unveiling appearance.  Moluccan cockatoo is highly affectionate, social and loves to be cuddled. He likes to chew on seeds, nuts & fruits.

Major Mitchells Cockatoo 


Rejoice and felicitate the erotic Major Mitchells in the territory of Birds Park @ RFC. Major Mitchell Cockatoo is named in honor of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell. Its soft-white texture and salmon-pink plumage and large, bright red and yellow crest, is the most admiring of all cockatoos.

Palm Cockatoo


Palm Cockatoo hailing from Queensland of Australia is a distinctive bird with a large crest and has one of the largest bills of any parrot. This powerful bill enables palm cockatoos not only to eat very hard nuts and seeds, but also enables to break off thick sticks from live trees to use for a drumming display.         

Galah Cockatoo


The Australian Galah cockatoo possess self assurance of lively comic interaction with its fellow mates & human flock. It’s zeal for fluttering and flapping its plumage for long distances mesmerizes any. They are the cleverest birds and do have Spirited Temperaments. It has a habit of grinding its beak depending on their mood swings! Make sure to keep them happy & relaxed!

Umbrella Cockatoo


Indonesian Umbrella Cockatoo is a sweetest and gentle bird. That doesn’t mean that he is soft! He is capable of producing a call that can be heard for upto 3Miles away! They are big eaters and at times they eat more than their body weight. His affectionate glare attracts any to cuddle him!



Pheasants are the natives of Asia, closely related to wild chickens. These birds are widely distributed in Asia, Europe and North America today. Pheasants usually stay in forests, scrublands, swamps, grasslands and areas near the farms. Let’s meet the troupe of pheasant’s right here in Birds Park.


Yellow Golden Pheasant

The appearance of Yellow Golden Pheasant is as it name itself says! Its totally stunning as if, the plumage of this bird is of real gold! Yellow Golden Pheasant hails from Italy. They usually prefer desnse forests & woodlands for their habitat. They mainly feed on grains, berries, seeds & leaves. Golden Pheasants are the rulers and try to rule other pheasants in their region. You Self Experience its ruling ability in your special encounter with Golden Pheasant!

Reeve’s Pheasant


This bold patterned pheasant originates from China. Reeve Pheasant is easily recognizable by it’s longest tail feathers of any bird species. It’s call is very musical and for music lovers, the call of reeve pheasant will surely boost interest in music!

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant


The Lady Amherst’s Pheasant originates from England & China. Lady Amherst’s is very colorful with a radiance of red, yellow, blue, white & yellow. They feed on ground but rest in trees at night.


Stay tuned! Very shortly we are going to have an amazing exciting experience by strolling in free zone of our avian friends. The most colorful & melody birds perch and wing about freely while relaxing in a natural & beautiful landscaped surrounding!

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