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Mythical Mahishmati calls you to relive the glory

bahubali shooting at ramoji
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The world’s largest film studio complex and the comprehensive holiday destination continues to enthral film lovers and explorers with the Baahubali experience and the splendour that has to been seen to be felt

Remember the year 2015 and the sensational release of Baahubali: The Beginning. A patient wait for two more years had brought us to closer to realising the precious dream of Baahubali: The Conclusion. The most famous question Why Kattappa killed Baahubali was ultimately answered and the euphoria and the glory touched skies

After two long years, while the glory is now etched forever in millions of heart, the saga yet again discovers itself in its full resplendence and magnificence at the world’s largest film city. For a few years, Ramoji Film City was address to the splendid settings that saw the action of the production in its full steam. Now, the golden tinge of the carved corridors and the vast courtyards and palaces are a tourist paradise for thousands.

bahubali shooting at ramoji

The world’s largest film studio complex, Ramoji Film City in its past, had seen several incredible sets raised with craft and creativity, hard work and precision. But what makes Baahubali stay longer and welcome discerning guests and excited cinema lovers?

It is not just because Baahubali is an epic and the comprehensive filmmaking facility on the earth had hosted its production for four seasons. It is a blend of being the most stunning film monument that surpasses our imagination and the most alluring destination that promises the magic of cinema in every stroke of activity and every inch of the expanse.

So, as you land in Ramoji Film City, one of the most popular tourist destinations and thematic wonderlands, you also get to choose to visit Baahubali set or the mythical Mahishmati. The larger-than-life and humungous magnitude leaves you in awe and shock. From a distance, it looks as if you are zooming into the fictional castle in your video game. As you inch closer and enter, the towering gateways and the carved doorways leave you in goose bumps. Feel the stars and the scenes in every inch and second as you stroll further down. The golden tinge of the monuments is accentuated by the bright sun and the massive corridors mesmerise you with their mammoth width and aristocratic design.

bahubali set tour in ramoji film city

Of course, Baahubali’s Mahishmati city is all about reliving the celluloid wonder and recalling the classic plots of the saga wherever they were picturised. Walkthrough the arena where Anushka was chained, scale the massive elevations where Baahubali and Bhallala Deva clashed, the look around the lounges where Shivagami strolled in pride and sprint in excitement across the courtyards where the subjects screamed their love and affection for Amarendra Baahubali.

Now and then, feel the ravages that result out of the epic war and the broken busts. The images of Amarendra Baahubali riding on the trunk of the elephant would sway your spirits while the coronation compound where Rajamata Shivagami’s announcement of the future king of Mahishmati would swell one with the emotions.

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