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Sizzling and stunning All-terrain Vehicle at Sahas

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Ever imagined a dusty and a confusing terrain dazzle as a delightful arena for adventure, daredevilry, feats and ultimate action? The world’s largest film city and Hyderabad’s most popular tourist destination, Ramoji Film City tucks a secret adventure wonder inside its massive expanse – Sahas.


Sahas is strictly not for the timid and the soft, and it is simply irresistible for those who seek to go beyond regular fun and entertainment. While the magic of cinema and comprehensive holiday experience have placed Ramoji Film City in an elite league of tourist destinations, Sahas has become the shining jewel in the crown. Spread across a large area, Sahas offers an exhaustive list of adventure activity to cater to the thrill-lovers. No wonder, the park is abuzz with action all over the year with teenagers and youngsters, corporate employees and college groups waiting in a line for their ultimate turn.

Action unstoppable – ATV

First a deafening sound rattles your ears as a handsome 800 cc magic motor vehicle hurtles and hurls the unimaginable piece of experience. Leap, hop, swerve and swing, you will only ask for more when you are on the All-Terrain Vehicle of Sahas, the one and only of its kind. The All-Terrain Vehicle is the flagship addition at Sahas. The vintage quadracycle sports the prized Royal Enfield brand, something heroes want to brandish and catch a selfie with. The handlebars give an impression as if you were maneuvering a raging bull. Get a tad bit tired after the thunderous time and then move over to the next on the menu card. In a megapolis called Hyderabad, the tourist experience is comprehensive and offerings are elaborate, but the rank scale and style offered to the tourists at Sahas has no match.


The terrain is high and offers strategic views but does someone have time to look around when the wonder and thunder are hidden right in your hands? Let us explore more!

Now, gear up fully with guards and goggles to guards. For those aged above 16 years, try the Pro Track. The much younger cones can have a field day on the Amateur Track.  Don’t worry about being pro, because our qualified trainers get you to practice and then stay by your side too when action matters. Mind you, at Sahas, safety first and surprises next.

Next, mount the French-built marvel and you hit the track raising the dust and zipping past the hairpin bends and rustic surfaces. Ever imagined the purest form of adventure and thrill of similar sorts? Only Sahas in Ramoji Film City offers the excitement.

Now, we are sure the temptation has taken over you. The incredible ATV awaits you. Just book your date at Sahas


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