All About This Year’s Holiday Carnival Celebration at Ramoji Film City

holiday Carnival 2022 Celebration At Ramoji Film City
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holiday Carnival 2022 Celebration At Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City Holiday Carnival 2022

Time flies when you’re having fun! When the Ramoji Film City Summer Holiday Carnival started on April 21st, 46 days seemed like a long time. But at the other end of that time slot, the days seem to have passed in a blur with guests enjoying the carnival and all it had to offer. Let’s look back on all the fun.

The Ramoji Film City Summer Holiday carnival was inaugurated on April 21st, 2022. Along with the usual attractions, Ramoji Film City put together a grand show to make the festival even more spectacular. There were a number of special packages created for the duration of the festival. From families with young children to groups of teenagers and young working professionals, thousands of people took advantage of these packages to visit Ramoji Film City.

Ramoji Film City summer holiday Carnival 2022

Summer Holiday Carnival Celebration 2022

Festival Highlights

Ramoji Film City already offers so much. There are larger-than-life film sets, exciting rides, lush green gardens, an adventure park, an aviary and a butterfly park, and much more. For the duration of this festival, Ramoji Film City took it a step further.

A Trip To Rajasthan

Ramoji Film City recreated the majesty of Rajasthan with a beautiful Hawa Mahal that seemed to be lifted straight out of a palace. Accompanied by folk artists performing the Rajasthani gachigodi and an opportunity to take a few selfies while wearing a royal safa, this exhibit celebrated the richness of Indian culture.

Kachhi Ghodi Dance At Hawa Mahal

Kachhi Ghodi Dance At Ramoji Holiday Carnival 2022

Fun Zone

London street in Ramoji Film City was transformed into a fun zone for kids and adults alike. The activity stalls saw a heavy footfall. There were magic shows, street artists and of course, a chance to win prizes every day at the skill games counters.

Princess Street Holiday Carnival Celebration

Princess Street Holiday Carnival Celebration

Ramoji’s Got Talent

Ramoji Film City is all about putting creativity into the spotlight. Rather than look out for celebrities, Ramoji Film City gave guests a chance to enjoy the spotlight for themselves with the Ramoji Film City Talent Hunt. From singers and dancers to comedians and mimicry artists there were hundreds of enthusiastic participants who showed off their talents.

Ramoji Talent Hunt Award Distribution

Ramoji Talent Hunt Award Distribution

Flea Market

The flea market was a popular attraction throughout the carnival. It had something for everyone. Balloon twister artists to entertain the little ones, caricature artists who went old-school with pen and paper, street magicians and tarot card readers for those inquisitive about their future and plenty of merchandising stalls for a little retail therapy. And when guests needed to take a break, food trucks and food stalls were waiting to serve.

carnival prop station

Photo Booths

In today’s Instagram era, if there aren’t any photographs, there’s no proof you were there. The guests attending the Summer Carnival took this line quite seriously and made use of every photo opportunity in the park. Selfies with geishas and Shaolin monks, family photographs while picnicking on the lawns and posed photographs against the Ramoji Film City sets, there were countless minutes of fun captured and posted online.

Ramoji Film City Holiday Carnival Photostation

Ramoji Holiday Carnival Photo Booths

Live Stage Shows

Ramoji Film City more than lived up to its reputation as a great place to be entertained. With a stage designed along international festival design lines and a talented line-up, every evening guests were mesmerized by performances. There was even a dance troupe that performed in illuminated costumes.

Stage performances at Ramoji Holiday Carnival 2022

Stage performances at Ramoji Holiday Carnival 2022

Grand Carnival Themed Floats

What’s a carnival without a parade?? Every evening as the sun set, the park changed its vibe as dainty lights powered on lighting the park in a million colours. And as these lights came on, the guests made their way to the street sides to find the best spot to view the parade. Ramoji Film City mascots, Sunny Dude, Dadajin, Sheru and Borasura all had their own floats from where they waved back as the crowds flanked the road. Then there was the melodious trumpet band, dancers and costumed performers who posed happily for photographs. The finishing touch was of course magnificent aerial fireworks show..

Carnival Parade At Ramoji Film City

Carnival Parade At Ramoji Film City

Gala Dinners

The fun never seemed to stop with the Ramoji Film City Summer Carnival. After the performances and carnival parade were over, guests who had opted for select passes had the choice of enjoying a soulful Sufi dinner under the stars. It was the perfect way to round off the experience.

Gala Dinner At Ramoji Film City's Holiday carnival

Gala Dinner At Ramoji Film City’s Holiday carnival

What’s Next?

The Ramoji Film City Summer Carnival for this year ended on the 12th of June. If you missed the carnival, you’ll have to wait till next year for the special attractions but in the meantime, there’s still plenty to do here. Plan a day trip to visit the permanent attractions like the mythical city of Mahishmati, Filmi Duniya, Fundoostan and more or make a weekend out of it and combine the Film City tour with the Sahas Adventure Park. There are multiple options for accommodation in and around Ramoji Film City. So, what are you waiting for – start planning your trip today!

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