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5 Reasons Why Ramoji Film City Is Every Movie Lovers’ Paradise

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A trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without a trip to Ramoji Film City. Apart from out-of-town visitors, Ramoji Film City is visited quite regularly by locals too. It’s the perfect place to spend a happy Sunday.

Spread over 2,500 acres at a location about 28kms out of Hyderabad, this theme park is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest film studio complex in the world. It was established by Ramoji Rao in 1991. Up to 20 film units can shoot simultaneously at a variety of indoor and outdoor sets including landscaped gardens, airports, and hospitals Along with exotic locations like Japanese Garden and London Street.

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As a movie lover, let’s take a look at some of the 5 reasons why you’ll love a trip to this theme park.

1. Get a Glimpse at Some of The Most Beautiful Sets

The sets in Ramoji Film City can transport you out of Hyderabad city, to different corners of the world. Pose for a picture as though you were on Princess Street or one of Japan’s many beautiful gardens without leaving the city! Several blockbuster movies including Krrish 3 and Bahubali were shot here. Some of these sets have been built by award-winning set designers.

The park organizes set tours that take you around some of the most beautiful sets. As you peer out of the windows of the red vintage bus, you may even spot an actor or two. You can even reenact your favourite scenes in the mythical city of Mahishmathi. Did you know this set is spread across over 100 acres! Tours start at 10 am and let you explore the sets at your own pace.


2.    Get A Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

If you enjoy watching movies on the big screen imagine how exciting it would be to see how that magic gets made. At Ramoji Film City, you get a look at what happens behind the scenes – see how special effects are created, how filmmakers create sounds to amplify scenes and more.

Ever wondered how filmmakers shoot earthquakes – now you can see just how all of your favourite scenes were created on the screen. You’ll even learn how filmmakers make fight scenes look so dramatic without anyone getting hurt. At the interactive movie-making show, you’ll feel as though you’re part of a shoot and may even end up being the star of your movie.

3.   Experience The Thrill Of Stunts

Stunts are at the core of every action movie. At Ramoji Film City, you get to see stunt artists in action and can fully appreciate the hard work that goes into making fight scenes and daredevil action scenes so gripping.

At the Wild West Show, for 45 minutes, you get to feel as though you’re part of a film crew as stuntmen jump and kick their way across the auditorium. The next time you watch a movie, you’ll know just how the star managed to jump across the entire building!


4. Enjoy A Meal At Thematic Restaurants

A trip to Ramoji Film City is a full day affair and a stop for lunch is necessary. From fast food to buffets and rich biryanis there’s plenty to choose from. Apart from the variety of food available, meals in Ramoji Film City are also memorable for the thematic restaurants.

The Superstar restaurant has all the elements of a film set while the Alampana restaurant has a Mughal theme. The Bahubali Darbar, named after the blockbuster film has regal charm and speciality dished like the Bahubali Biryani and the Avanthika Jalebi.


5. Ride Into The Filmi Duniya

The buzz around Ramoji Film City isn’t limited to experiences of this world- it’s about letting your imagination soar! Take a seat on the Filmi Duniya roller coaster. Now, this is a ride unlike any other. As your trolley rolls down the rails, you’ll pass beautifully sculpted scenes like that of a wedding party, an outdoor café in the streets of Europe, a jungle, a wintery snow scene, Hawaiian dancers and more.

There Is More To Explore 

A day at Ramoji Film City isn’t just about spectating. One of the reasons it’s a great family destination is because of the range of activities and adventure sports you can participate in. Take a trip on the Bumper Cars, Super Jet, and Twister or enjoy a game of cricket or basketball with your family.

The ‘Wings’ Bird Park has a free zone where birds are free to fly as they like, a caged enclosure and a separate section just for ostriches. A walk through the aviary gives bird watchers the perfect opportunity to see common and uncommon birds from around the world. The birds aren’t just beautiful to look at, the way they mimic human speeches, telephones and alarms are sure to make you laugh.


Planning a Trip to This Movie Lover’s Paradise

As a theme park, there’s no destination as exciting as the Ramoji Film City. Every movie lover has to plan a visit to this park at least once in their lifetime. Where else would you get to see how movies are made, walk through beautiful sets and watch stuntmen perform daredevil acts. Day tour packages are available or you can book a stay at one of the hotels and spend a day in the kingdom of movies. For a day trip, aim to reach the park by 9.30 am then you will have the whole day ahead to enjoy the different sights and experiences.

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