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10 things to do in Ramoji Film City

Written by Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is a World of Dream. As you enter into this magical world, your journey of exploring wonder begins and you get awed at every corner.

Take your time and explore every part. Book a stay at Ramoji Film City to get the opportunity to explore every location. Every spot is worth your time and is special in its own unique way but if you really want to list down the 10 favourite things, we will help you here. Here are the top things that you must not miss while you are at Ramoji Film City. 

Let’s start.

1. Groove at the opening ceremony

Morning shows the day. Rightly said! Come by 9 am to Ramoji Film City and experience the opening ceremony at Eureka. It rightly sets your mood for a fun day ahead. Treat to the eyes and an absolute ravishing start that welcomes you to the magical tour of Ramoji Film City. The show is performed at Eureka. The Eureka Fort opens its grand doors to introduce a whole new world of fun and thrill.

2.  Pose for picture-perfect moments at the Princess Street 

You will come across many wonderful sets before you reach Princess Street. But this is one of the best among the many. It’s the perfect opportunity to take those Instagrammable shots. Princess Street is a stunning avenue lined up with tall buildings that resemblance the streets of London. The International cityscape has beautifully adorned houses that set the perfect backdrop for those perfect clicks.


3. Stroll across the serene Japanese Garden 

Mesmerized by the exotic filmy sets, if you wish to relax for a while beside a flowing spring and royal Japanese pagoda, this place will be your dashing delight. Stop by and play around the water. Feel the cool breeze and move around the place to feel the vibe of a dream garden.


4. Create your Bahubali Moment  

The cult movie has made a mark on the minds of audiences. The masterpiece is celebrated every day at Ramoji Film City. Overpower the thrown and feel your Bahubali moment. The set lets you enter the magnanimous Mahishmati Kingdom and feel an era of historical vibe. If you are a Bahubali fan, this place is something that will take your time as you can’t stop clicking and feeling the thrill of the Bahubali throwback.

5. Enjoy the space ride at the Space Yatra 

A ride your kids will cherish. A fictitious world created to take you to the ride of space. Not just what you see. The feel of the space ride is something that is to be experienced to understand. You feel the journey of being in a rocket that glides away through a bumpy and exciting ride into space.


6. Participate in the moviemaking experience at Ramoji Movie Magic Park 

How are movies made? That’s a big question and a far complicated procedure to explain. But what we do here is, show you a glance of it. There is also a chance that you participate in the movie making and be the star of the movie. The interactive movie-making show will give you a first-hand experience of being in a movie.

7. Talk with birds at Wings 

Being at Ramoji Film City, Bird Park is one attraction that you must not miss. With a cover of nature, the park is crafted to create a habitat for exotic birds. Their colours, their flight, and their charm will cheer you up. Stop a moment in front of the African Grey Parrot and spend some time talking with our very special chatterbox.


8. Get thrilled at the Wild West Show

Action comedy staged live is a treat of entertainment. Be alert and often you will be shocked by the gunshots and the marvellous action moves of all our professional artists. The storytelling on stage is given a whole new level as you experience a show that will be memorable forever.

9. Walkthrough the chilling tunnel of Borasura 

The maze, the illusion, and the chill tickling feeling at every corner of this tunnel make the walk interesting. As you enter Borasura, be ready to have goosebumps and cry out some shrieks of amazement. The dark tunnel will take you through a journey of the unknown. Be a braveheart and enjoy every phase of it.

10. Rain Dance at Fundustan  

After a whole day of fun, masti, and magic; we have something to chill. Swing and twist with peppy numbers as you enjoy the Rain Dance at Fundustan. A sizzling pour is complete entertainment that will make you dance with joy.

These are some glimpses of attraction at Ramoji Film City. You got to see it to know it all. You might have your own favourites that might match our list or you will have your own list of suggestions.

Ramoji Film City is a destination that attracts all age and different cultures. Not just movie buffs, you will find people of different interest having a gala time here and taking back wonderful memories to cherish a lifetime with a promise to come back again at Ramoji Film City.


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