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10 Reasons Why Ramoji Film City Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway For GenZ

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Generation Z knows that happiness is all about finding that sweet spot between working hard enough to feel productive and taking a break to kick back and relax. They’re all about working hard through the week and chilling out on the weekends. There’s nothing better than a weekend getaway.

If you’re in Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City is the ideal destination. It’s cut off from the hum-drum of city life and yet well connected and accessible. Here’s a sneak peek into 10 experiences that make Ramoji Film City the perfect weekend getaway destination.

  1. Get Close-Up Views of The Mythical Mahishmati City

Whether you’re 18 or 28, there’s no chance you haven’t watched the Bahubali series… Apart from the saga of romance and drama, the movies were also known for their sets. Now, here’s a chance to walk through the famed streets of Mahishmati and take in the grandeur of its palaces.

The Bahubali sets are spread over 100 acres of land with everything from life-sized thrones and towering sculptures to intricately carved chariots and majestic props. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the throne and imagine yourself as royalty.

If that’s not enough, there are also the Sarileru Neekevvaru and the Bhagavatham sets waiting to be explored.


  1. Enjoy First-Hand Experience of Making a Movie

As the name suggests, Ramoji Film City is all about movie-making. Now, this isn’t just for the professionals. Visitors to this amusement park can watch demonstrations on how scenes are shot or participate in the scenes. You get a glimpse of techniques like chroma-keying used for special effects and can learn how background sounds are created.

Did you know that beating a tin sheet can create the effect of lightning? For people interested in getting into the movie-making business, a weekend at Ramoji Film City can be an eye-opener.

  1. Watch Stunt Artists in Action

Some of the most famous movies are known for their action sequences. The Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt show will keep you on the edge of your seat. This isn’t like any other stunt show you’ve seen. With the saloons of the Wild West in the background, actors on-stage perform a series of breath-taking stunts.

What makes this experience even more memorable is that the entire sequence has no dialogues!

  1. Re-Enact Those Famous Scenes

Ramoji Film City has been part of over 2500 movies. Chennai Express, The Dirty Picture, Yamla Pagla Deewana – these are some of the names Gen Z will recognize. Some of these films had sets created for them while others were shot on location in the amusement park. Remember that song ‘Ooh La La…” from The Dirty Picture? If you want to recreate the scene, you can do it here at the ‘Leg Garden’.

  1. Appreciate Spectacular Live Shows

Today’s Bollywood movies are incomplete without a few song and dance sequences. Ramoji Film City celebrates this with spectacular live performances. There’s the Opening and Closing ceremonies, the ‘Spirit of Ramoji Show’ with carefully choreographed dances, live street shows where dancers break into a seemingly impromptu flash dance, and plenty more. Each show is more captivating than the one before it.

  1. Take a Trip Through the Filmy Duniya

A ride through the Filmy Duniya in Ramoji Film City is like a roller coaster past myriad sets and mock-up scenes. As the trolley passes by scenes you can let your imagination soar and picture yourself in the snow-capped mountain peaks, European street-side cafes, the beaches of Hawaii and more. Admire the life-like dioramas and models of architectural wonders from across the globe.

  1. Pose At Insta-Worthy Locations

Ramoji Film City offers countless opportunities to strike a pose. After all, if there aren’t pictures, did it even happen? From the Eiffel Tower or a shuttered ‘dukaan’ somewhere in north India, you can transport yourself to different places and take a shot everywhere you go.

Some of the most popular spots to take pictures for the ‘gram are Princess Street, the Railway Station and Airport sets, the Jail, the Japanese Garden and the North Town.


  1. Walk Through the Aviary

Though it is best known for its connection to the movies, Ramoji Film City has much more than just beautiful sets. The Wings Aviary is Asia’s largest aviary. There’s a caged enclosure as well as a Free Zone and a separate enclosure just for ostriches.

The aviary houses common and uncommon birds from around the world – some have even been trained to mimic human conversations. There are very few other places you can admire these birds in their natural surroundings.


  1. Experience The Pulse of Adventure

A visit to Ramoji Film City is also an opportunity to unleash your adventurous side. The Sahas Adventure Camp offers a number of thrilling experiences. The activities you can participate in include paintballing, zorbing, mountain biking, crossing the high rope course, bunjee ejection and more.

From newbies to pros, there’s something for everyone. There are solo activities as well as group activities – so whether you go with just your best friend or a big group, you’re sure to have fun.

  1. Treat Your Tastebuds

A weekend getaway is also about being pampered a bit and opening yourself up to new things. With a number of themed restaurants and a variety of cuisines, the restaurants in Ramoji Film City let you treat yourself to something new for every meal.

Relish south Indian delicacies for breakfast, north Indian thalis for lunch and Oriental platters for dinner. Each restaurant also boasts of a unique ambiance.

So, are you ready for a weekend of fun!

Ramoji Film City is spread over 1,666 acres so you may not be able to cover everything in a day. For the ideal weekend getaway, reach the park on a Friday evening after work, book yourself into one of the 6 hotels in and around Ramoji Film City, grab a booklet and get going. Don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and carry your camera.

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